Please excuse the dust...

Preditors and Editors have taken on some new staff.  New volunteers and we’ve moved to WordPress to boot.  Things are going to change slightly, but we’re going to carry on David and Andrew’s vision while building what we hope will be a useful, relevant site to every single writer.  We want to make sure that whether you’re self-publishing, querying or working with a publisher, that you’ve got the information you need.  

So please, mind the dust.  And if you’re interested in keeping up, please sign up.

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A confirmation email WILL be sent - if you confirm, we assume that you're ok with being moved over to our mailing list on Amazon long term.  You can unsubscribe at any time, of course, and we guard your email addresses like they are our own, so our address is safe with us, and will never be spammed.

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With thanks to and Dr Andrew Burt for trusting us with the new site!