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Art Listings


Aidana WillowRaven/WillowRaven Illustration & Design Plus: A book illustrator, cover artist, and designer.

Alessandra Kelley : "I am a Chicago artist and illustrator with over fifteen years' professional experience. I paint allegorical paintings founded in classical mythology and Renaissance philosophy, and occasionally magic realist works based on Chicago. I have done cover art and interior illustration for mainstream and genre magazines and book publishers. Lately I have been melding painting with textiles and clothing."

Art by Rich DiSilvio: "Captivating book cover art for Fantasy, Sci-Fi and many other genres."

Artist's Hood, The: Art publication.

ArtsJournal.com: "weekly newsletter is intriguing and just right. It is an arts journal in the truest sense of the word!"

ArtStopper: "This site features many poems, stories and hundreds of images including original award winning cover art. There are galleries of Sci-fi, Fantasy, Horror, landscapes and much more created for you to enjoy view or purchase."

Author Support.com: Book cover designers.

Aven"ART": A graphic designer based in Rome, Italy. Link broken.


B.A. Bosaiya: "Award-winning artist."

Back Alley Arts Organization, The: a not-for-profit arts organization created in May 2003 which publishes and promotes struggling artists and writers to larger markets (Simon & Schuster, the Museum of Fine Arts, the Whitney and the Guggenheim). Their publication features Art, Poetry, Prose, Plays, Extraordinary Art Related Stories, and more.

Becky's Wildlife and Fantasy Art: "Fantasy art and wildlife art by Rebecca Kemp."

Book Cover Design, The: Print Cover Designs at 300.00 and eBook Cover Designs at 175.00. 100% Custom covers designed how you want them. Link broken.

Book Cover Designing: An independent artist.

Book Cover Designs by Tabitha Robin: A book illustrator.

Book Cover Express: "print-on-demand and e-book cover design. Also includes information and visual samples of interest to those self-publishing and just starting out."

Book Design by Fiona Raven: "Worry-free book design for authors worldwide. Cover design and interior page design."

Book Design by Ryan Scheife: Offers "book design services including book cover design, page layout, typesetting, and eBook formatting for digital books."

Book Trailer Design: "I'm a graphic designer and I create book trailers and book covers."

BookCoverModels.Com: "I create realistic 3D graphic designs for books, ebooks, posters and more."

BookPaint: Provides graphic services for authors and publishers.

BookSkins: "a twenty-year design and illustration veteran offering writers and publishers a good and dependable book cover service....a reputable source for complete cover design, illustration and camera-ready art. References are available upon request, though many are noted on my site."


CanStockPhoto: A royalty free stock photography agency.

Cazcie's Graphic Design: Produces book covers and performs other freelance work.

CGSociety: A site for artists to display their wares and ability. Features both free and pay memberships. Site is heavy on graphics.

Christine Clavel: A free-lance graphic artist.

Claire de Lys: An artist and illustrator.

Copyright for Collage Artists: Recommended. A plain spoken explanation of some of the pitfalls and myths concerning copyright laws and collages.

TheCoverGirl.Com: online studio.

Crystal Moon Design: "Award winning cover artist and web designer."

Curtis Sagmeister Photography Vision Art: A "website containing photographs and art available for book jackets, etc."


DALMATIUS: Professional Illustrator and Painter in Fantasy and Science Fiction.

Deborah Eve Alastra: A freelance artist and children's book illustrator.

Dee Densmore-D'Amico: Freelance illustrator and designer.

Deron Douglas Graphic Arts: Professional artist. His work graces many book covers.

DeviantArt: Recommended. A place where a lot of artists hang out.

Digitell Design: A book cover artist/story illustrator.

DreamCatcherDesigns: "Experienced, freelance artist interested in doing book covers and other illustrations as needed. Specializing in portrait work, fantasy, and pinup art."

Duncan Long: "I've done cover illustrations for Byron Preiss/ibooks, Seattle Book Company, Delirium Books, Edizioni Piemme Spa, Paladin Press, Bookwrights Press, Delta Press, Alpha Advertising, Merlinhouse Publishing, LTD Books, SynergEbooks, Crossroads Publications, The Fiction Works, and other small presses, as well as artwork for The Sun (Boca Raton, FL), Would That It Were, and other magazines and ezines."


1106 Design, LLC.: Book design service. This is their primary thrust, though they also do editing.

Ellen Million Graphics: "A complete source of fantasy and science fiction artwork on many products: mousepads, t-shirts, coloring books, magnets, stickers, stationery, cards and more."

Enchanted Garret, The: A writer's writing and art site. P&E isn't certain that the author also sells the art, so inquire first. Also, this artist provided artwork for our 2006 Readers Poll.

Escape Key Graphics: "From eye catching illustration and design that gets your book noticed to illustrating concepts that are intangible or difficult to get across, Escape Key Graphics has the experience you want in your cover art. Visit our site to see our previously published work. Also offers web development to help you promote your new publication."

Everyday Cartoon a.k.a. "Nothing is Funny": A site featuring cartoons that may be of interest to authors and publishers.

ExpertSubjects.com Book Cover Design: a book cover design service.

Expresso Art: Realism watercolor by Michael Vigliotti.


Fanitsa Petrou Art 'n' Soul: A site featuring original art for sale featuring numerous and varied offerings. Worth a visit.

Fantasia Frog Designs: Ebook covers, blog headers, author banners, trading cards, blogskins, buttons, bookmarks and more.

Foto Search Image Database: A photo search company. Sister company to Can Stock Photo. (Note, readers report it has great depth, but may be significantly more expensive than some other options.)
Freelance Artwork by Jacinda : Art by Jacinda Struven.


Graphicfantastic.com: "Project a professional look that's clean, classy, and attractive. For fantastic graphics and graphic design—whatever you need, whatever the media, from banners and book covers to brochures and business cards—just ask! We've got you covered..."

TheGraphicLynx.com: "A top-caliber group of artists have come together to offer YOU the best artwork available in today's market. Each having a unique style of their own... whether it be awesome cover art, enchanting children's illustrations, dynamic promotional packages & web designs, this wonderfully talented group of artists will meet your needs."

"Aimed principally at the author/publisher community, this bold new consortium of talent has brought together under one URL all the resources needed to provide electronic format art products for this rapidly growing media community. Born in part from the frustrations of artists, authors, and publishers with what has, until now, been a rather haphazard system of bringing these elements together to produce successful e-media, this team has brought organization and common sense to the arena."

GreenTentacles, Inc.: Web design for speculative fiction sites.

Grey Forest Productions: "Author & Artist Michel Savage, specializing in Sci-fi / Fantasy artwork, Fully formatted book covers and custom illustrations. Extremely fast turnout at affordable prices. Posters & prints also available, Enter the Grey Forest."


Hanged man Studio: "I specialize in genres of sci-fi, horror and fantasy. I have done some concept work for films and video games and clothing designers. My work can be found in genre magazines of sci-fi and fantasy, book covers, collectable card games, role playing games, and board games."

Happy Monsters' Studios: "a new and exciting graphic design studio, who focus on CD, book & video game cover art and booklet design. We use a mix of Photoshop, Illustrator and original art to produce distinctive and eye catching designs, which will ensure your product stands out from the crowd."
"We have special package deals for unsigned bands and writers, and we can also provide promotional materials, logo design, original artwork, and web-site development, which is specifically tailored for creative media businesses and artists."


International Library of Photography, The: Not recommended. Sponsors open amateur photography contests and online contests several times yearly.


Jas Maddock's Artist Portfolio: "professional surreal, ethereal and humour artist." Uncertain if this artist also does book covers.

Jerrod Brown: Rondo Award winning Horror Artist. "Specializing in hand painted (non-digital) Acrylic on Canvas HORROR art. Book, Magazine, CD covers, etc. Horror movie portraits. If you have a favorite Horror movie or scene from a particular film, send your requests. Commissions are always welcome." Samples can be seen at Myspace and Facebook.

John R. Salko: Art "selections, artist statement, and exhibitions, including a one man show hosted by our friend, Hollywood actor James "Jim" Gammon."

Judith's Place: "I do site cover art and illustrations in almost any genre."

Junior's Digital Designs: "I create and design covers for writers in various themes."

JupiterImages: A "one-stop access for all your stock photography needs".


Kevin Scott Collier: A children's picture book illustrator.

Kit Grady: An illustrator.


LA Seed Illustrations: "Graphic artist and illustrator who has worked in the industry for over 15 years. Has done an aray of books, magazines, game related products. Specialises in Fantasy, Sci Fi, Children's and figurative illustration."

Laura Diehl Illustration: "specializes in Fantasy, Science-Fiction, and Children's Illustration for everything from video games to book covers."

Lucas Illustration: "I design and illustrate book covers and picture books."


Mctropolis: An illustrator's web site.

MOCA Book Design: A graphics company specializing in book design for writers going the self-publishing route.

Mooki: "marketing materials, websites, or book designs. I have 7 years professional experience and I do both design and illustrations." Editor's note: Looks impressive.

Moor Dragon: The web site of artist Bob Hobbs, fantasy illustrator.


Nathaniel Design: a division of Art Bookbindery,established in 1951. Specializing in bookcover design.

NMDESIGN: "I'm comportable in both print and web design, and my specialty is book design, photography, magazine layout and print production."



Patricia Storms: A "freelance illustrator and graphic designer. One area of graphic design I have been involved in for the past 2 years is e-book cover design. I have designed over 20 covers for www.ltdbooks.com."

Patrick Teglia Designs: features web designs, book covers, and other graphic art such as logos.

Paul Speary's Portfolio: An artist who has created logos, illustrations, posters, paintings, books, brochures, skateboards, t-shirts, stickers, ads for newspapers and magazines, newspaper layouts,CD booklets/cases, and worked on some web designs."

Persphone's Pomegranate: A cover art and video trailer business.

Phillip Gessert: A book designer.

Photographer's Right, The: Recommended. Useful information about photographers' rights presented by Bert P. Krages II, Esq.

Planet Dedman: "Uniquely English, distinctly cosmopolitan, he makes representational paintings and drawings of traditional subject matter including the figure, the landscape, the nude and still-lifes."

Poppyseed Graphics Studios: "Award winning illustrator Lee Seed will create eye catching art work that will give your book the edge it needs to be noticed. She specializes in Children's, Fantasy, Poetry, and Horror, but can do anything you may need."



Rapid Publishing: An illustration and editing service.

Rewat Immak: "I am an artist, and I would like to do artwork for the cover of magazines or other magazine art. I have had experience mostly in comic books, but I have recently been included in a horror anthology. I can to almost any style requested."

Robert Van Nood Creative: Illustrating services, graphic design, cartoons, logo development, trademark illustration, corporate brand creation, creative design and agency services.

Ronald Chironna - Illustrator: "I have been creating book covers, and many other kinds of illustrations for over 30 years."

RPG Gallery: "A huge archive of fantasy and science fiction artwork mostly pertaining to the roleplaying industry."


Select-O-Grafix, LLC: "A graphic arts company that caters to authors and publishers."

SpiffoPops: "I have a very different, surreal style. I specialize in very detailed pen and ink work, and acrylics. The covers I currently provide for various publishers are at reasonable prices, and I give editor references also."

Starmakers Rising, Inc. (aka Starmaker Rising aka Network Distributors Inc.): Numerous court judgments. Strongly not recommended. An art poster publisher.

Steve Barr: A "cartoonist and illustrator who has provided art for numerous educational publications and products. His work has appeared in over 200 titles in the Complete Idiot's Guides, the Chicken Soup for the Soul seriesk, as well as many other books and magazines. Steve has also written and illustrated 11 art instruction books for young children."

Story Lorry: Provides illustrators for children's authors and publishes their works as eBooks.

Swan Author Services: Recommended. Provides self-publishing services to authors.


ThunderArt: Creates cover art for authors at what appear to be reasonable prices.

21st Book Design: A book design company.



Valerie Bouthyette: Illustrations for children's literature and other genres.


Waterline Art Studio: An art studio that also creates art for book covers.

Wikimedia Commons: Recommended. A huge collection of public domain and freely-licensed media.

Wild Speculation: "Artwork beyond your wildest imagination! Features fantasy, sci-fi, new age and wildlife art by talented artists."




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