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Book Publisher and Distributor Listings - A


A Better Be Write Publisher: A small press vanity publisher. An imprint of Argus Enterprises International, Inc. (which see) that also handled children's books.

A-Argus Better Book Publishers, LLC: Poor contract. Not recommended. A small press publisher "accepting submissions from authors in all fields except poetry, science fiction or children''s books." An imprint of Argus Enterprises International, Inc. Contact at:
9001 Ridge Hill Street
Kernersville, NC 27284

A Capella: Not recommended. A publisher.

A&B Publishers Group: A publisher. Contact at:
1000 Atlantic Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11238

A-R Editions Inc.: A publisher specializing in music and music book publishing.

A'Katerina Publishing: An electronic book publisher. Link reported broken.

Aanvil Press: Believed defunct. Not recommended. A publisher.

Aardvark Global Publishing Company LLC: A business offering self-publishing services.

Aardwolf Press: "a new book publishing venture, specializing in Fantasy/Science Fiction."

Aardwolf Publishing: A book publisher.

Abandoned Press Warehouse: An independent comic company. Link reported broken.

AbandonedNovel: Defunct. Poor submission terms. An imprint of Teton River Productions.

Abbott Press: A vanity publisher developed by Author Solutions and Writers Digest. Further information unknown.
Abby the Troll Publications: Defunct. An electronic book publisher. "...specializing in satisfying the fantasy reader."

Abdo Publishing Company: A publisher specializing in children's books only.

Aberdeen Bay Book Publishers: Not recommended. "an independent publisher that specialize in fictions and memoirs."

Aberjona Press, The: A publisher of military memoirs and military history.

Abidan Publishing: A publisher.

Abingdon Press: An imprint of The United Methodist Publishing House.

Absey & Company: A publisher.

Acacia Publishing: A vanity publisher. They even honestly admit they're a vanity publisher.

ACADEMICA PRESS,LLC: "A scholarly publisher with an interest in bios, histories and social science boos(also special interest in Irish topics)". Caution 4/14: An author reports a problematic contract and request for fees.

Academy Chicago Publishers: A publisher. 10/18/05: a writer reports they are not accepting fiction.

Accurance: Not recommended. Concerns received from authors and expressed, for example, in this thread. A fee-charging publisher.

Ace/Boulevard: Recommended. A book publishing imprint. Link goes to Penguin Group homepage.

Access: Not Recommended. An imprint of fee-charging Authorspress.

Across Space Books: A book publisher. Contract possesses non-standard aspects. Link reported broken.

Acta Publications: A Roman Catholic publisher. Contact at:
4848 N. Clark St.
Chicago, IL 60640-4711

Action Publishing: Appears defunct: 1/28/2014: A reader reports their website is up, but their contact us form fails, their phone number is disconnected, and postal mail sent to them is returned for no forwarding address. A publisher specializing in quality children's picture books, juvenile and young adult fiction and non-fiction for all ages.

ActionTales.com (now merged with Foremost Press): A vanity publisher. "Fast Paced Action Tales of Outrageous Quality."

Active Bladder: 2/18/05: appears to be closing. "Seeking genre fiction (horror, mystery, romance, sci-fi) with a suspenseful edge (think Stephen King, Robert Parker, Jayne Ann Krentz and Michael Crichton). Length of story should be 20,000 to 100,000 words. Authors should mail first chapter or 10 pages to above address -- don't forget to include an SASE. If the story fits within the scope of Active Bladder, we'll ask you to send complete manuscript." Contact at:
PO Box 24607
Philadelphia, PA 19111

ACW Press: A self-publishing company. Reports are that they are high priced for what they offer.

ADAMANTINE PRESS (UK/European publisher--London & Copenhagen): A book publisher specializing on globally-oriented works on alternative social, political, economic, technological, cultural, enviromental, psychological, spiritual, and educational futures. Link goes now to search engine.

Adams Media Corporation: A publisher.

Adams-Blake Publishing: A publisher specializing in business and technical books.

Addax Publishing Group Inc.: A publisher.

Addicus Books Inc.: A publisher specializing in consumer health, self-help, psychology, business, economics, investing, and books of regional interest -- true crime.

Addison Wesley Longman Higher Education: A UK book publisher.

Adibooks.com: A book printer and self-publishing resource.

Adirondack Mountain Club Inc.: A publisher.

AdMorInk: Small publisher specializing in booklets on various subjects. 11/29/10: Link broken.

Advantage Books.com: A vanity publisher.

Adventure Book Publishers: An electronic book publisher. 7/5/03: a writer reports this publisher defunct.

Adventure Books of Seattle: A publisher. "We do illustrated books. We publish crime novels, romance, science fiction, and other genres. Most books are illustrated. Currently we use Lulu.com for printing, but in January, 2007 we are moving all books into global distribution through Lightning Source/Ingram. All signed authors have been informed, and all future releases will be through LSI/Ingram, as well. Right now, under Lulu we pay 50% of the gross royalty for each sale, after direct printing expense at Lulu, and charge authors no upfront fees, nor do we deduct for marketing costs. After the LSI upgrade, we will be offering all authors new contracts, based on printing costs through LSI."

AEG (American Enterprise Group) Publishing Group: Strongly not recommended. A consortium of literary agencies and one or more vanity publishers. Their name is also somewhat redundant (and that's for a publishing business?). 12/1/10: Domain for sale.

Aegina Press: A subsidy press.

Aegis Publishing Company: A publisher. Link reported broken.

Ćonian Press: Not recommended. A publisher also known as American Reprint Company, Amereon Press,and Rivercity Press. 12/1/10: link broken.

Ageless Press: A book publisher. 6/28/10: Link reported not working.

AGoodBook.com: Charges fee. Not recommended. An electronic book publisher.

Agora Publishing, Inc.: Book and newsletter publisher. Link reported broken.

Aio Publishing Co, LLC: "a new science fiction publishing house officially in operation since January. We intend to publish three books per year initially, with plans for growth within the next several years."
"We look for sociological, psychological, and political science fiction that is densely written, with complex plots, complete world building, and deeply developed characters. Existing examples of this kind of writing include C. J. Cherryh's Cyteen, Cherryh's Foreigner trilogy, Greg Bear's Moving Mars, and to some extent Ursula LeGuin's The Dispossessed."
Link broken.

Air Leaf LLC: Not recommended. A book publisher. 12/1/10: Link broken. Other Air Leaf sites are:

10/23/11: http://www.jonesharvestfraudvictims.com/ is reporting that Brien Jones is finally out of business.

AK Press: books and CDs on politics, gender, history, sex, drugs, and rock and roll.

Akademische Druck- u. Verlagsanstalt - ADEVA: facsimile book publisher with over 2000 titles available for ordering.

Akadine Press: Mail order books, videos and CD's. Link reported broken.

AKW Books: An ebook publisher.

Alaska Northwest Books: An imprint of Graphic Arts Center Publishing Company. 12/1/10: Link broken.

Alba House: A publisher.

Albury Publishing: A publisher of Christian books only. Contact at:
P.O. Box 470406
Tulsa, OK 74147

Alexander-Posh Publishing Corporation: A publisher that also offers self-publishing. 12/1/10: Link broken.

Alexander Hoyt Associates: Believed to be a publisher in New York.

Alexandrian Archives, Inc.: A "publisher of classical, metaphysical, occult and much more!"

Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill: An imprint of Workman Publishing.

Algora Publishing: Poor contract. Not recommended. A publisher.

Alien Time Treasure: an electronic book publisher. Books are presented in installments and the price appears very reasonable.

All About Kids Publishing: "We publish children's books and educational materials."

All Clasic Books: Not recommended. A publisher.

All Craft Media: Strongly not recommended. Publisher of numerous magazines in the knitting world. We recommend that our visitors view the topic at Absolute Write and at Making Light.

All Romance Books: 2/10/06: Reported closed.

All Things That Matter Press: A publisher.

Allen & Unwin: Australian history, military, and feminist studies titles.

Alliteration Ink: "Small/micro publisher who focuses on anthologies and single-author collections. The company no longer provides publishing services."

Allworth Press: A publisher. "We publish business and self-help books for artists, photographers, graphic designers, and interior designers as well as for filmmakers, performing artists, and authors. We also publish legal and personal finance guides for the general public."

Alpha Publishing Group: Publishing books, manuals, and catalogs. Link reported broken.

Alpha Wolf Publishing: A publisher featuring Sci Fi, Fantasy, Children's books, Mystery, Drama, and Epic Fiction in any form, even Religion. Web site dead as of 4/14.

Alpha World Press: A publisher specializing in books for, by, and about Lesbians.

Alphar Publishing: Poor contract. Not recommended. A vanity publisher.

Alta Press Inc.: Book publishing, editing, and distribution in various languages. Link reported broken.

Altair Australia Books: An Australian print-on-demand publisher.

Altebooks.com: Defunct. "a startup epublisher exclusively in fiction with a goal to always be responsive, personal and nurturing to its authors. We intend to do this by remaining small. At the same time we recognize the value of author's works by offering 60% to 70% of sales (on downloadable formats to the authors. We charge no fees. We are able to make this offer by keeping business, website, and promotion costs down, and by staying out of direct sales. Our titles are ISBN'd and place at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and others." Link reported broken.

Altin Bilek: Not recommended. A Turkish publisher.

Alyson Publications: A publisher specializing in books for gays and lesbians.

Amatory Ink: "an e-publisher of erotica. The catalogue will be updated monthly and include the broad spectrum of the erotica genre. Amatory Ink is unencumbered with the traditional constraints of conventional publishers, so can be innovative with the product offered to the customer. I am more than happy to consider work that other publishers have rejected as 'too outside the mainstream.'" Link broken.

Ambassador International: Believed to be a vanity publisher based on emailed remarks by the publisher to a writer.

Amber Quill Press: For writers: "primarily a "submit by invitation only" publisher, and apart from our annual Amber Heat Wave™ Contest, we have never been open to "outside" submissions. Please be aware that any unsolicited synopses, partials, or complete manuscripts sent to our email addresses or snail-mailed to our business office by either an author or an agent will be deleted unread, without exception. And since we are primarily a "submit by invitation only" publisher, we will no longer reply to any general query letters, including letters asking for invitations to submit. Invitations are issued only at our discretion, depending on our genre needs at any given moment in time, and the occasions are rare."
For readers: "...exciting books in electronic format! From tales of gripping suspense and paranormal romance, to tales of enchanting fantasy and sweeping historical sagas, we are certain to have something to satisfy your needs!"

Amereon Press: Not recommended. A publisher also known as American Reprint Company, Ćonian Press,and Rivercity Press.

AmErica House (aka PublishAmerica.com): PublishAmerica, Inc. contract formerly obtained all movie and book rights. Strongly not recommended. "A royalty publisher capable offering publishing contracts to all varieties of authors. Royalties paid, no fees ever charged, no agents required."

American Star Books - new name for PublishAmerica: Feb. 2014: PublishAmerica has changed names to American Star Books. Not recommended. See many warnings on the P&E site and all over the Internet.

American Articulate Associates: featuring Sock the Cat books and products. Link reported broken.

American Book Cooperative: Charges membership. Not recommended. A book distributor.

American Book Press: An imprint of vanity publisher, New World Media.

American Book Publishers: Charges fee. Not recommended. A publisher. Located in Minnesota and New York?

American Book Publishing Group (formerly Forbes Publishing) aka American-Book.com aka ABPG: Charges fee. This company has plagiarized authors in the past and abused trademarks, notably that of the real Forbes Publishing. Strongly not recommended. A book publisher featuring the following imprints: American Book Publishing*, American Book Classics*, American University Publishing*, Bedside Books*, and Millennial Mind Publishing*. (*Trademarks of American Book Publishing Group).

ABPG's contract contains a clause that penalizes their authors to the tune of $10,000 (yes, that's ten thousand US dollars) for stating or posting anything negative about ABPG. P&E urges authors not to accept the ABPG contract so long as it contains that section. Writers have a right to a fair contract.

P&E recommends that writers also view this documentation revealing part of C. Lee Nunn's background as a Certified Financial Planner. Ms. Cheryl Nunn operates ABPG. She is listed in the column for California suspensions.

P&E Seeks Publishing Information

If you were published by American Book Publishing Group, have your royalty statements accurately reflected the number of books that you know were ordered?

The total of authors reporting inaccurate statements (or no statements) is: 5

If you were published by American Book Publishing Group, have you since decided you want out of their contract? If you have already been released from their contract, P&E would also like to know.

The total authors reported wanting out is: 5
and the total reported released is: 3

If you were published by American Book Publishing Group, do you feel your book was reasonably priced?

The total reported for Yes is: 0
and for No is: 5

If you were published by American Book Publishing Group, do you feel your book was properly edited by them?

The total reported for Yes is: 0
and for No is: 4

If you were published by American Book Publishing Group, are your books stocked in major bookstores as a result of ABPG's efforts?

The total reported for Yes is: 0
and for No is: 5

If you were published by American Book Publishing Group, how many copies of your book were sold through bookstores? Please include the book title and do not count copies you purchased directly using your author discount.

The total reported for More than 1000 is: 0
More than 100 is: 0
and for Less than 100 is: 5

Total individuals responding to one or more of these questions: 6

American Legends: Publishers of books on James Dean, Montgomery Clift and Ella Fitzgerald.

America Library of Poetry: A vanity poetry publisher targeting school children.

American Literary Press: Appears to be a vanity publisher.

American Poets Society: Strongly not recommended. A publisher in Baltimore, Maryland. P&E recommends that writers research this business at the Ripoff Report. (4/14: link reported dead, unfortunately)

American Psychiatric Press, Inc: Psychiatric books, journals, CD-ROM's, and other electronic media.

American Reprint Company: Not recommended. A publisher also known as Amereon Press, Ćonian Press,and Rivercity Press.

American Wholesale Book Company: Recommended. A book wholesaler located at 131 25th St. S., Irondale, AL.

Americana Publishing, Inc.: An audiobook publisher. 12/28/05 - reported closed.

Americas Group: A vanity publisher. Books on public policy, tourism, and business.

Amherst Press: A book publisher. Editor's note: we recommend checking the information at Speculations.

Amira Press: A romance and erotica publisher.

Amourose Press: A publisher. Specializes in "Chick Lit, young teen, romance (historical, paranormal, and present day), Westerns (if along the lines of Zane Grey, Louis L'Amour, we will consider them), and paranormal mystery and detective fiction."

Anamnesis Press: a book publisher of poetry and non-fiction.

Anansi Press: Canadian book publisher "publishes Canadian and international writers of literary fiction, poetry, and serious nonfiction. We do not publish genre fiction (eg, mysteries, thrillers, science fiction, or romance novels), nor do we publish self-help nonfiction."

Anaphora Literary Press: A publisher. See notes here.

Anchor Group Publishing: Not recommended. A publisher.

Andrews & McMeel: A book publisher.

Andrich Publishing: Publishes adult and children's fiction; also offers professional screenplay review and critique. May not be accepting submissions out of house.

Angel City Press: Publishes non-fiction gift books on Hollywood, fashion, nostalgia, and dining.

Angel Press Publishing: Not recommended. A publisher located in Miami Lakes, Fl.

Angelic Knight Press: A publisher interested in anthologies, novels, novellas, and short story colections.

Angelus Press: Now called Avesta Blues Publishing. Link reported broken.

Anthology Club: Our blurb: At The Anthology Club we work collaboratively to produce and publish anthologies of short fiction - anything from collections of flash pieces to sets of novellas, and in every genre under the sun. The whole process is centered around community - anyone can propose a project, or submit a piece to someone else's project. The general gist of how we operate is that members can submit stories to projects proposed and edited by senior members. The publisher provides additional editing, cover art, formatting, and publicity. Royalties are shared between all involved.

Anjali Publishers: Appears to be a publisher in India.

Anvil Press: A small Canadian publisher.

Apex Book Company: Recommended. A book publisher.

Aphrodite Unlaced: An ebook publisher of "Erotica for the Sophisticated Romantic". 3/3/09: Link reported broken.

Aphrodite's Apples: A publisher specializing in romance and romantic erotica. 4/5/08: Reported closed. Unverified.

Appaloosa Press: Not recommended. An imprint of Sovereign Publications. Editor's note: appears to be a subsidy press. Contact at:
128 E. Reynolds Rd.
Lexington, Ky 40517

Arabesques Review: An Algerian book publisher. Their magazine features "original poetry, literary criticism, interviews, fiction, non-fiction stories, arts, essays, social and political commentary." Link broken.

Arbor Books Inc.: Conflict of interest. Not recommended. A self-publisher that also features ghostwriting and agenting services.

Arcadia Publishing: A publisher. "Writers should know that we only publish history titles. The majority of our books are on a city or region, and are pictorial in nature. We are beginning new series, including oral histories, sports histories, black histories and college histories." 12/16/04: P&E has heard some good remarks about this publisher. 2/13/14: P&E has heard of problems from an author (frequent changes of editor, no ebook editions, stringent requirements).

ArcheBooks Publishing Incorporated: Strongly not recommended. A small press publisher. 1/16/07: P&E has received numerous complaints about this publisher.

Archwood Books: A vanity publisher.

Arctic Wolf Publishing: A small publisher interested in fiction and graphic novels. Reported closing 3/14.

Arcturus Publishing: A small publisher. Judging by an email to one author, the publisher appears to keep the rights to what is written leading us to believe it may be write-for-hire.

Ardis Publishers: Publishes Russian literature and language books in Russian and English.

Arion Press: Produces limited edition books with original art.

Arkham Bridge™ Publishing: A publisher.

Armadillo Publishing Corporation: Out of business. A vanity publisher.

Arno Books: A publisher. It appears that the books selected for publishing have to be voted upon by readers.

Arnold Publishers: Academic and professional publisher.

Arte Público Press: A publisher. Contact at:
M. D. Anderson Library, Room 2
University of Houston
Houston, TX 77204-2090

ArtemisPress: Publishes fiction and nonfiction books of interest to the worldwide women's community, with an emphasis on lesbian- and feminist-related titles. We specialize in high quality, thought-provoking and entertaining stories that celebrate the strength and diversity of our life experiences. We offer titles in a variety of e-book formats, as well as print-on-demand trade paperback."

Aruntx Publishing Company: No longer offering publishing services.

Arvo Basim Yayin: Nor recommended. A Turkish publisher.

ASA Publishing Company: Not recommended. A vanity publisher. "Established since 2005, an accredited publishing house with the Better Business Bureau. Nominated for the 2012 BBB Torch Award. We provide publishing packages, major and minor book events, assistance in marketing, and television media-ASAPubNews in Monroe, Michigan. We service national and international authors and writers." Our hours of operation are M-F 10am-6pm. Location: 105 E. Front St., Ste. 201A, Monroe, Michigan 48161. Contact number: 734.629.4848"

Ashgate: International publisher in the social sciences and humanities.

Asiapac Books: Specializes in Chinese culture and comic books.

Aspect: A book publishing imprint. Link broken.

Aspen Mountain Press: Not recommended. An ebook and print publisher.

Assent Publishing / Phantasm Books: Not recommended. See this thread for more info. A publisher.

Astor and Blue Editions: A publisher. P&E is hearing information that gives us cause to be concerned about this publisher for both writers and potential staff.

Asylett Press: Not recommended. A publisher.

ATHENEUM BOOKS FOR CHILDREN: A children's book publisher.

Athina Publishing: An epublisher. A writer reports that this publisher does not accept submissions from outside the US.

Atlantic Bridge Publishing: An epublisher.

Atlas Productions Pty Ltd: A "boutique publishing company whose primary goal is to develop and discover great writers, offer editorial guidance and support throughout the publication process. We are involved in every stage of the publication from layout to marketing. We are currently accepting non-fiction submissions. Please refer to the guidelines on the website."

Atriad Press: "publishers of the new Haunted Encounters series. Each book in the series features personal stories of real-life supernatural experiences." Publisher currently seeking short real-life experiences.

Audio Version, Inc.: Tape recorded books. Write for info to:
Audio Version, Inc.
P.O. Box 551
Hawthorne, NJ 07507-0551

AudioText, Inc.: Publishes college study guides and science fiction in audio formats.

AUGUST HOUSE: Specializes in folklore and storytelling books. Also a children's book publisher. Info provided by Ms. Josepha Sherman. Contact at:
201 East Markham Street
Little Rock, AR 72201

Aura Speculative Fiction: Link inactive. A new Speculative fiction imprint for Aspen Mountain Press.

Aurora Regency: An imprint of Aspen Mountain Press accepting only Regency romance.

Austin & Macauley Publishers Ltd.: A vanity publisher. Contact at:
CGC-33-0125 Canada Square
Canary Wharf, London E14 5LB

Author Identity Publishing: Not recommended. A vanity publisher.

4/1/07: Author Identity Publishing is already "not recommended" by P&E. But if they weren't, the latest actions that appear wholly attributable to them would be enough to earn that rating a few more times. P&E suggests visiting the Writer Beware Blogs! site for more detailed information.

Author Solutions: Not recommended. A company that owns or operates vanity imprints AuthorHouse, DellArte, iUniverse, Trafford Publishing, West Bow, and Xlibris. Here's a company review and here's another.

Author's Publishing: "Provides readers with high-quality fiction novels and short stories that they can read and rate." Link now leads to FantasyReaders.com.

AuthorHouse (formerly 1st Books): Not recommended. A vanity publisher. A division of Author Solutions.

5/17/06 - If you don't know by now, AuthorHouse lost a libel suit in court. It seems that the courts and jury decided a publisher couldn't disavow itself of what it published. In other words, AuthorHouse should have vetted what it accepted before publishing. Now they owe several hundred thousand dollars and may have to pay even more in punitive damages.

Authorspress: Not Recommended. Charges fees. A publisher in India.

Authors' Publishing House: A vanity publisher.

Authority Publishing: A vanity publisher.

Authors Ink Books: A publisher.

Authors' Direct Books: Publishing program for and by authors. 3/3/09: Link reported broken.

Authorz.net: Charges fee. Not recommended. "E-publishing and websites for authors. The internet. Your writing. Get noticed."

Automated Pen, The: Mystery, romance and fantasy for sale in electronic format. Link reported broken.

Avalon Books: Recommended. A publisher of genre fiction and an imprint of Thomas Bouregy & Co., Inc.
6/4/12 - Amazon purchases Avalon Books. Authors of Avalon publishings should expect to be contacted soon by Amazon for the purpose of acquiring electronic rights.

Avari Press: Closed. A publisher that appears to specialize in fantasy.

Aventine Press : A print-on-demand self-publishing company.

Avery Madison LLC: A small publisher interested in children's stories. 7/23/09: Link broken.

Avesta Blues Publishing: A book publisher. Formerly Angelus Press. Link reported broken.

Avid Press: Recommended. A book publisher. A writer reports this publisher has folded.

Avid Reader's Publishing Group: A vanity publisher.

Avocet Press, Inc.: A publisher. Their "offerings range from important contemporary poetry to mysteries to beautifully written historical fiction."

Avon Books: An imprint of HarperCollins Publishers.

Awe-Struck E-Books: An electronic book imprint of Mundania Press LLC.

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