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Book Publisher and Distributor Listings - B


Baal Hamon Publishers: A vanity publisher specializing in Christian religious works and academic works.

Bacon Press Books: A publisher. "A way to help writers turn their already published books into ebooks... also taking on original work."

Badosa EP: An electronic book publisher. Editor's note: multi-lingual site. Texts are published for free: the author doesn't get paid, the readers are not charged.

Baen Books: Highly recommended. A book publisher.

BagLady Press, L.L.C.: Publishers of bead knitted pattern books.

Balboa Press: Not recommended. A vanity publisher. An imprint of Hay House.

Baldwin and Knowlton Books: Not recommended.

Bancroft Press: A publisher.

Banda Press International: A publisher. "Currently our focus is on bringing the best in short fiction to readers everywhere. Our research has uncovered a market where long novelettes and short novellas have the potential to be featured products. A novelette is between 7,500 and 17,500 words and a novella is between 17,500 and 40,000 words." Link broken.

Bantam Books: Editors note: we recommend checking the information at this link. Link broken.

Bantam Dell: A book publisher. "Random House, Inc. does not accept unsolicited submissions, proposals, manuscripts, or submission queries via e-mail at this time." Guidelines are at URL http://www.randomhouse.com/about/contact.html.

Bantam Spectra: A Random House imprint. "Random House, Inc. does not accept unsolicited submissions, proposals, manuscripts, or submission queries via e-mail at this time. Bantam Spectra follows our parent company's stated submission policy and no longer accepts unsolicited material." Guidelines are at URL http://www.randomhouse.com/about/contact.html.

Barbarian Books: "an eBook only publisher of genre novels. We pay 70% royalty net on sales, no advance, for eBook rights only. We do not charge operating fees etc. as part of the royalty net. We never charge the author for anything, ever. We are looking for never-before-published, novel length fiction in all genres, including cross genre."

Barbour Publishing, Inc.: A publisher of romances, inspirational, and Christian books.

Barclay Books: Wants half of movie rights. Not recommended. A publisher. 11/27/07: Reported defunct. Unverified. Link broken.

Bards and Sages: Besides publishing role-playing games, this company also publishes speculative fiction.

Barefoot Book Works: An imprint of Safety Services. "Since 1995 we have been printing/publishing our own training books for the purposes of our instructors use in classes. Seeing that people like the quality of our "publishing" we have decided to open a small selective publishing arm of our company called Barefoot Bookworks with a co-op printing approach."

Barefoot Books: A publisher. Editor's note: Appears interesting for writers and artists.

Barrons Educational Series, Inc.: Publisher of business, pet, children's, college guide, foreign language, cooking, art, and test preparation books for Regents, SAT, AP, GMAT, ACT, GRE, TOEFL, MCAT, GED exams.

Barton Book Press: A writer informs us that this new listing (7/8/05) is apparently no longer in business. This is not verified.

Basic Skills, Inc.: Story-books on CD-ROMS. Link broken.

Baycrest Books: A publisher concentrating on pulp fiction. 6/30/09: Page reported unavailable.

Beach Holme Publishing: A Canadian book publisher. A writer reports this publisher accepts only Canadian authors. Invalid Link.

Beach Holme Publishing: Publishes poetry, fiction, children's, young adult's, and Wicca books. A writer reports this is the same company listed just above this entry. Invalid Link.

Beacon Press: Independent publisher of serious non-fiction.

BearManor Media: A "small press publishing Big books. We pride ourselves on getting quality entertainment biographies out there, and we're often the first book on the subject."

Beckham Publications Group, Inc.: Publishing house offering books online in electronic or paper format. "Unique book publishing company offers joint venture self publishing project to promote the works of young and budding writers." Promotes Black authors.

BEECH TREE BOOKS: A children's book publisher.
1350 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10019

BeginPublishing.com: A vanity publisher.

Behler Publications: A small press interested in fiction, but also publishes some non-fiction. 4/16/07: "Currently concentrating on non-fiction personal journeys. Will consider some fiction where the issues of personal introspection, conflict and resolution are the primary driving forces propelling the story."

Belfire Press: A small press publisher following fiction genres: horror, thriller, mystery, adventure, fantasy, romance, historical, science fiction, paranormal, YA and to a limited extent, children?s."

Bell Bridge Books: An imprint of BelleBooks, Inc. featuring "fantasy, dark fantasy, urban fantasy, YA fantasy/dark AND general and Southern fiction. This imprint pays a *small* advance against royalties and publishes in POD/e formats simultaneously."

Bella Distribution: A book distributor located in Florida.

BelleBooks: A small publisher in Atlanta, Georgia that started out showcasing the rich storytelling traditions of Southern women. 1/24/10: Link inoperative.

Belletristic Press, LLC: Not recommended. A publisher.

Benoy Publishing: A publisher located in Wilmington, NC. 4/13/04: a writer reports this publisher is defunct. Ms. Julie D. Daniel of the Attorney General's office, state of North Carolina, is handling the complaint file agaist Benoy Publishing. If you write her a letter she will definitely investigate your complaint. She can be reached at:
Julie D. Daniel
Consumer Protection Section
Department of Justice
State of North Carolina
9001 Mail Service Center
Raleigh, NC 27699-9001

Bernel Books: Small book publisher offering specialty titles. Link inactive.

Best Seller Publishing, Inc.: Not recommended. A print-on-demand publisher located in Bruce, WI. and operated by Lori Prokop. (P&E believes that Prokop may be a pseudonym).

Better Day Publishing: A small vanity publisher.

BewleyBooks: A publisher.

BeWrite Books: Not recommended. "publishes books in paperback and ebook formats."

BiblioBytes: Recommended. An electronic book publisher. Link reported broken.

Biblioteca Di Nova SF, Futuro, Great Works of SF: An Italian book publisher. Send submissions to:
Perseo Libri s.r.l.
Box 1240
Bologna, Italy

Biddle Publishing Company: Publishes self-help, personal history, social concern, and poetry books. Link reported broken.

Big Sky Press: Not Recommended. A vanity publisher.

Bioenergetics Press: Books and tapes about men's issues. Link reported broken.

Bison Publishing: Publisher of CDs of songs and stories celebrating spirituality.

Bitingduck Press: A publisher. It recently gained an imprint consisting of Boson Books.

Black Crow Books: Independent publisher with an anti-authoritarian bent. Appears to now be a book seller.

Black Death Books: A book publisher.

Black Iris: Not recommended. An imprint of R.J. Buckley Publishing.

Black Lace Romance: An imprint of Virgin Books. Not for minors. Link broken.

Black Lyon Publishing, LLC: A publisher interested in general fiction and romance.

Black Mountain Press: A publisher. They still operate by mail so be sure to follow their guidelines.

Black Pearl Books: Not recommended. A publisher.

Black Plankton Press: A book publisher. Not believed to be open to submissions by writers not in house. Link broken.

Black Rose Writing: "An independent publishing house that believes in developing a personal relationship with our authors. Fiction, non-fiction, and children's books." Updated 15/5/13. Publisher claims there are no longer any fees or required book orders.

Black Velvet Seductions Publishing: A publisher. Appears to specialize in romances and erotica.

Black Wyrm Publishing: Poor contract. Not recommended. A book publisher.

Blackbirch Press: Publisher of illustrated nonfiction. URL reported for sale.

Blackie & Co. Publishers Ltd.: Not recommended. A vanity publisher.

Blackstone Publishers: A publisher in London. Reported bought out by vanity publisher Austin and Macauley.

Blackwell Publishers: Independent publisher of academic books, journals and educational software.

Blackwell Wissenschafts-Verlag GmbH and Parey Buchverlag: Books and journals specialising in human and veterinary medicine, biology, gardening and landscaping, forestry in German.

Blade Publishing: An ebook publisher. 11/25/10: a writer reports this publisher is closed. Not verified.

Blank Slate Press: A publisher. "All types of fiction with a literary bent."

Bleak House Books: "publishes crime/mystery/suspense and dark literary fiction."

Blood Moon Publishing: An imprint of Double Dragon Publishing specializing in horror and suspense.

Bloody Brits Press: Publishes British mysteries.

Bloomberg Press: A publisher specializing in business oriented books.

Blooming Tree Press: A publisher. 2/12/10: A writer reports they accept subs from agents only.

Bloomsbury Publishing Plc.: Independent literary UK publisher dedicated to publishing the best in fiction and non-fiction. "We no longer accept unsolicited manuscripts and cannot return material sent to us."

Blu Phi'er Publishing: Not recommended. A vanity publisher.

Blue Feather Books (formerly Limitless Dare2Dream): A publisher "accepting full length lesbian fiction manuscripts for publication consideration."

Blue Glass Publishing (formerly OmniMedia): Publisher with an excellent writer's resource. Publishes classic, historic and scholarly works of erotica (and some non-erotica). 1/24/10: Link broken.

Blue Heron Publishing, Inc.: A book publisher. Link reported not working.

Blue Moon Books: A book publisher and seller. Link broken.

Blue Mountain Arts, Inc.: Poor contract. Not recommended. A publisher. Contact at:
P.O. Box 1007
Boulder, Co 80306

BLUE SKY PRESS, THE: A children's book publisher.
555 Broadway
New York, NY 10012-3999

Blume: illustrated books in Spanish. Link reported broken.

BLVNP: Not Recommended. Poor rates and high payment threshold; also confusing talk of them being an "agent" that makes no sense unless it is implying they are some form of MLM; incorporated in Nevada but with apparently no office there, however "Our mail scanning center is in California, our highest concentration of our employees in one office is in Cebu, Philippines"--which sounds suspect.

Bodendorfer: Formerly a book publisher. No longer active.

Bokförlaget Spektra: A Swedish publisher, publishing books on a wide array of subjects. Link reported broken.

Bold Strokes Books: A publisher featuring a diverse collection of lesbian-themed general and genre fiction.

Bold Strummer Ltd., The: A publisher specializing in music.

Book-broker Publisher: A self-publishing firm.

Book 4 You, A: Not recommended. A new publisher. Not accepting Children's or Poetry.

Book Marketing Solutions, LLC: A vanity publisher.

Best Selling Books Rights Agency: Not Recommended. Another face of SBPRA.

Book Guild Publishing: Not Recommended. Fee charging publisher. See also comments here.

Book Peddlers, The: Query first. A writer reports: "We are not accepting new submissions at this time. We are a small publisher and mainly generate books in-house." Contact at:
15245 Minnetonka Blvd.
Minnetonka, MN 55345-1510

Book Shelf, The: Charges fee. Not recommended. An epublisher?

Book World Inc/Blue Star Productions: Appears to be an electronic book publisher with an unusual marketing idea. 2/25/10: Link broken.

Book-On-Disc.Com: Recommended. An electronic book publisher. Link broken.

bookbaby: A self publisher.

Bookbooters.com: An e-book publishing site. Also a vanity publisher.

Bookhabit: An online publisher. 8/10/08: P&E has learned that their payment system is irregular requiring that enough books be sold first to equal $50 in royalites before they will make any payment unless the author withdraws the book from their site.

Bookhome Publishing: A non-fiction book publisher.

Bookleaf Publishing: Publisher specialising in Esperanto language publications.

BookLocker.com: An electronic and print-on-demand trade paperback book publisher.

Bookmice.Com: defunct: Not recommended. An electronic book publisher. Bought out by McGraw Publishing Co.

BookPros: Not recommended. Appears to be a vanity publishing outfit.

Books for Writers: An electronic book publisher. Link reported broken.

Books In Motion: An audio publisher.

Books In Print: A book publisher in Australia. Link reported broken.

Books Just Books: A printer and self-publishing resource.

Books of Desire Publishing: A publisher specializing in erotica and romance only.

Books OnScreen: Not recommended. An electronic book publisher.

Books to Go Now: An ebook publisher.

Books Unbound E-Publishing Co.: "a royalty-paying e-book publisher, offering contracts to new and experienced authors for publication of their e-books, with a comprehensive editing process and cover art included, (at no fee to the author) once the author has been offered a contract based on their initial submission and manuscript." 4/17/10: Recent indications are that this publisher may be defunct. Unverified.

BooksAmerica: Not recommended. A vanity publisher.

BooksByBookends: Self-publishing publisher. Link broken.

BooksForABuck.com (Books for a Buck): An epublisher.

BookStrand Publishing: A publisher interested in romance novels.

CreateSpace (formerly BookSurge): A vanity POD publisher recently acquired by Amazon.com.

BookTango: A self-publishing publisher. Has fee and no-fee options.

Booktrope: Appears to be an interesting approach to publishing.

BookWire Index, The: An excellent resource of publishers. Link reported broken.

BookWise & Company (aka WriteWise): Not recommended. A vanity publisher. WriteWise is a division of the company.

Borderlands Press: A book publisher specializing in horror. Unsure if they accept submissions.

Borgo Press: A book publisher. 3/21/05: A writer reports this is an imprint of Wildside Press.

Boson Books: Highly recommended. Electronic book imprint of Bitingduck Press.

Boston Mills Press (BMP): Publishes a wide variety of books featuring nature, canoeing, cottaging, and gardening to architecture & art, heritage, antiques, aviation and railroads. Now believed to be an imprint of Fire Fly Books.

Bottom Dog Press, Inc.: Charges reading fee. Not recommended. A publisher interested in "themes: Sense of Place (ie. the Midwest) - Working-Class Culture and Values- American Zen Writing--African-American Writing from the Midwest--Literary Biography--Family and Spirit." Its imprint is Bird Dog Publishing.

Braille International, Inc.: Publishes literary braille. Link reported broken.

Brambling Books: A humorous works (but not comics or 'pictorials'), science fiction, thrillers & literary fiction publisher. Also interested in Popular Science, Technical & Computer Reference, History and Philosophy.

Bradley Publishing: A publisher.

Bradley's Publishing Company: A vanity book publisher.

Brainpan Publishing: "Canadian Publisher of quality literature for those not intimidated into patterned simplicity by this generation's quick fix life style. Whether you have a true and painful passion for reading or writing, you'll find only the coolest literature available, here in the Brainpan." 3/9/04: No longer publishing new works. Not accepting submissions. 3/9/10: Link reported broken.

Branden Publishing Company, Inc.: Book topics range from fiction to autobiographies.

Brannon and Baker: Not recommended.

Breakfast Serials: Specializes in serialized fiction for content providers, push companies, and Internet advertisers.

Breathless Press: An ebook publisher specializing in romance and erotica. 2/5/13: We're starting to hear about problems with this publisher.

Breckel Group, The (formerly FirstPublish, Inc.): Charges fee. Not recommended. A publisher.

Brevia Publishing: An electronic book publisher.

Bridge Works Publishing: "We take Independent authors work if of high quality at no fee. We also provide a full service, royalty paying publishing again, at no cost to the author. Genres accepted are: Fiction, Sci/Fi, Fantasy, Paranormal, Young Adult, Celtic, Poetry and Business." Contributed by Linda Eberharter.

Brighid's Fire Books: Charges fee. Not recommended. A publisher. They "consider most genres except porn, children's, and poetry." 3/9/10: A writer reports they publish only people who participate in their contest. 4/6/10: Verified.

Brighter Books Publishing House: Not recommended. A publisher. No longer charges a reading fee.

Brighton Publishing: Not recommended. A vanity, self-, and commercial publisher.

Brinnoven: Scottish prepress and publishing services concentrating on local history, place-names, dialects, languages, and traditional/folk music.

Brookline Books: Not recommended. A book publisher based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. For more info on this, see the National Writers Union site.

BROWNDEER PRESS: Defunct. A children's book publisher.
9 Monroe Parkway, Suite 240
Lake Oswego, OR 97035-1487

BrownWalker Press: "BrownWalker Press is an on-demand publisher that specializes in academic work." A writer reports this publisher uses print on demand. P&E is deeply concerned that it's been reported they want a signed contract before they even read a manuscript.

Bruce Publishing International, Inc.: Publishing services. Link reported broken.

Brundage Publishing: Not recommended. A vanity book publisher of non-fiction, fiction, and poetry.

Bryler Publications: A vanity publisher mainly interested in Canadian writers. 4/14: Reported out of business, flagged by the BBB as a problem company, but re-opened as Three Dogs Press, operated by Cynthia McMurray.

Bubo Publishing: A boutique publisher.

Buck's County Publishing: Not Recommended. 4/14: Reports of authors not getting paid. A publisher.

Bumblebee Publishing: A vanity publisher located in India. Contact info unavailable.

Burgschmiet Verlag: Specializes in German books for TV-films, -series and motion pictures. These books include Lexx, the Dark Zone, Perry Rhodan, the new 007 -Tomorrow Never Dies, Lost World, Poltergeist, Star Wars, Outer Limits and much more. We also have special Fanpages for 007, Lexx, the Dark Zone, Poltergeist, Star Wars and Perry Rhodan. Special Pages for Outer Limits and Space with all its facettes will be available in the future and the Lexxsite will also get an English section.

Burning Bush Publications: Publishes voices not represented by mainstream publishers. Link reported broken.

Burnt Duck Publishing: Closed. A publisher that specializes in anthologies. Does not pay advances or royalties.

Burping Frog Publishing: "a new publishing company in southeastern Michigan that specializes in spy thrillers and espionage novels."

Buy Books on the web.com: Charges fees. Self-publishing publisher. 2/7/05: a writer reports they have changed their name to Infinity Publishing. Confirmed.

Buzzword Books: A publisher. Generally, only professional writers with a track record are considered. Queries only, please, without attachments. Caveat - fee request - 2/17/14: A writer reports, "Buzzword Books showed an interest in my manuscript. However, after two weeks of deliberation, they came back to me saying they wanted to charge me $3-400 for editing it."

By Grace Publishing: A Christian publisher of sweet romances and inspirational books. 10/15/08: A writer reports it is closing Dec 09 and is not accepting submissions.

By Light Unseen Media: A publisher of fiction and non-fiction specializing in vampires.

Bywater Books: Publishes lesbian fiction.

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