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Book Publisher and Distributor Listings - C


C&B Books Distribution: A distributor that also operates two bookstores. They appear to distribute books for a number of black self-published authors.

C/M Online Media Inc.: Highly recommended. A book publisher.

Cacoethes Publishing: Strongly not recommended. A book publisher. Link reported broken. 6/10/10: Reported no longer in business by BBB in Tacoma, Washington.

Cadence Jazz Books: A publisher.

Cader Books: Highly recommended. A book publisher. Site appears to have been hijacked.

Cadmus Editions : A book publisher. 6/30/09: Page reported unavailable.

Calderwood Books: An epublisher. "We do not publish erotica or children's picture books. We publish fiction and non-fiction. Good readers deserve good books."

California EBooks: Charges fee. Not recommended. "We produce electronic publications in a format unique to all others. These are 3-dimensional, on screen, page turning, electronic books that give the appearance of an actual book. They are not pdf files and require no software, plugins, or readers to view."

Calyx Books: A publisher of contemporary, ethnic, experimental, feminist, lesbian, literary, short-story collections, translations, fine literature, and art by women.

Cambrian Publications: closed: A book publisher.

Cambridge Books: A publisher. An imprint of Write Words, Inc.

Cambridge House Books: Strongly not recommended. A publisher.

Cambridge University Press: Founded in 1534, the world's oldest press is today one of the largest educational and academic publishers.

Camino Books: A publisher of non-fiction books.

CANDLEWICK PRESS: A children's book publisher.
2067 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02140

Canon Press: A literature ministry of Christ Church, Moscow, Idaho.

CantaraBooks, LLC: A publisher.

Capri Publishing: Defunct. Poor contract. Strongly not recommended. A print-on-demand publisher.

Capricorn Publishing: Poor contract. Not recommended. A small publisher.

Capricorn Publishing Corporation: A small self-publisher.

Capstone Publishing: A publisher.

Cardinal Publishers Group: Recommended. A book distributor located in Indianapolis, IN.

Cardoza Publishing: A publisher. 9/25/04: a writer reports "that gambling, how-to books are no longer a good fit for them." Contact at:
857 Broadway, 3rd Floor
New York, NY 10003

Career Press: A book publisher. Appears to specialize in "nonfiction books for adult readers seeking practical information to improve themselves in careers, college, finance, parenting, retirement, spirituality, and other related topics."

Carnal Desires Publishing: An imprint of Double Dragon Publishing.

Carnal Passions: An imprint of Champagne Books that will feature erotic works. See Champagne Books entry for warning about this publisher.

Carnifex Press: "A Fresh Face in small-press Horror, Fantasy and Science Fiction Publishing." 11/24/08: a writer reports this publisher is closing in Jan 09. Verified.

Carolina Academic Press: Publishes in the following fields: law, criminal justice, education, anthropology, archaeology, political science, history, Africana studies, and healthcare.

CAROLRHODA BOOKS, INC.: A children's book publisher. 8/5/06: Reported they accept submissions only in November. Contact at:
241 First Avenue North
Minneapolis, MN 55401

Cascade Publishing: A publisher. Specializes in theology/religion.

Cascade Mountain Publishing: A small press that publishes originals, reprints, and electronic books. We are interested in electronic distribution of contemporary novels. We actively market and sell eBooks over the internet (world wide web) for handheld computers which can function as bookreaders. These eBooks are secure, and are not modifiable by the purchaser. We will not put an electronic book out of print. eBooks are readable on a variety of handheld devices including WinCE H/PCs, Palm-size PCs, Palm Pilots, Psions, and the soon-to-be-released RocketBook. CMP offers royalties starting at 25% for eBooks, but no advances.

Casemate Publishing: A publisher specializing in non-fiction with a heavy concentration in history and military subjects. (Contributed by Prof. Don A. Gregory)

Casperian Books: A publisher. Frankly, P&E likes their honesty.

Cat's-paw Press, Where the Adventures of Wilderness Canoeing and Successful Publishing Converge: A small press publisher.

Cavalier Press: closed: A publisher specializing in the GLBT market.

Caxton Printers, Ltd., The: Publisher specializing in Western Americana.

CCB Publishing: Charges fee. Not recommended. A small publisher using POD technology.

CDL Press: Publisher of books on the history, religion, and culture of the ancient Near East, Judaica, Bahai, and Bible.

Cedar Creek Publishing: A publisher.

Cedar Fort Publishing: A publisher.

Cedar Valley Publishing: A small publisher that appears to specialize in producing educational books.

Cellar Door Publishing: Poor contract. Not recommended. A publisher.

Century Book Distribution (Michelle Herbert) : Not recommended. Purports to be a book distributor. Location unknown. Editor's note: we're not hearing anything good about this one. Please contact P&E if you've had any dealings with this distributor.

CeShore: Not recommended. A wholly owned subsidy press belonging to Cynthia Sterling.

Chakra Publishing House: A publisher specializing in books related to minority and ethnicity viewpoints.

Challenger Publishing Division and Literary Agency: Charges fee. Not recommended. An electronic publisher.

Champagne Books: Warning: See this thread for concerns about this publisher. A electronic and small press dedicated to bringing excellence in romantic fiction to the romance community. 6/15/07: a writer reports they now accept science fiction and fantasy.

Champion Press, Ltd.: Family and parenting books, and mystery/suspense titles. 9/24/09: reported now as an imprint of Sourcebooks, Inc. of Chicago.

Changeling Press, LLC: A book publisher of "quality erotic adventures".

Champion Publishers: A publisher that specializes in IT & technical books including instructional.

ChapterByChapter.net: An online publisher.

CHARLESBRIDGE PUBLISHING: A children's book publisher.

Charm Write Publishing: Editing service conflict. Charges fees. Not recommended. An epublisher.

Cheap Bookstore, The: Offers books and manuals by e-mail. Also accepts works for electronic publishing. Link appears broken.

Chelsea Green Publishing: A non-fiction book publisher.

Chicken House: A UK publisher specializing in children's books.

Chippewa Publishing: Closed. "ebook publishing company interested in novellas (25,000 to 50,000 words) of any fiction genre (horror, sci-fi, erotica, romance, paranormal, mystery, etc). We have our own editors and do not charge for publication. Our authors earn 40% of the sale when a sale is made. Our authors work directly with our editors for edits on publications. We hold exclusive rights to the work for 3 years."

ChiZine Publications: A publisher of surreal and dark fiction.

Christie and Christie: A small book publisher and self-publishing distributors. A writer reports the phone number is no longer in service. This publisher may have gone under.
Christie and Christie
P.O. Box 392
Cookstown, Ontario
telephone 1-519-396-9553

Christopher Publishing House: Publisher of the writings of important leaders in education, economics, sociology and science, and spirituality.

Chronicle Books: Not recommended. Titles include cookbooks, fine art, design, photography, and architecture. A writer reports: Children's books have been added.

Chronicler Publishing: A Canadian publisher specializing in Canadian historical novels, preferably by Canadian authors though they do consider other historical authors.

Cincinnati Book Publishing: A vanity press.

Citron Press: reported bankrupt: Charges reading fee. Not recommended. Offers writers of fiction the opportunity to join a New Authors' Co-operative to have their works printed and aggressively marketed to the public through the Citron Press Book Club.

Clarion Books: Part of Houghton Mifflin Company. A children's book publisher. Contact at:
215 Park Avenue South
New York, NY 10003

Class Act Books: Not recommended. A publisher.

Clavis Books: Not recommended. A book publisher.

Clayborn Press: A publisher of guidebooks, reference books, science fiction, and fantasy.

Clear Light Publishers: Publisher of books on the Southwest, on Native American culture, Tibet, ecology, and the environment.

Clear View Press: A vanity publisher.

Cleis Press: A publisher that specializes in lesbian/gay erotica as well as gender studies and human rights.

Clo Iar Chonnachta: Irish music and book publishing house. Link broken.

Clocktower Books: An ebook publisher.

Clouds Publishing: Offers books on surrogate parenting, industrial shrinkwrapping, and other topics.

Cloudy Mountain Books, Inc.: Not recommended. A book publisher.

Club Internacional del Libro: Spanish language Mail Order Publisher. Books, Courses, Educational, Multimedia, and Music.

Club Lighthouse Publishing: An epublisher concentrating on Science-Fiction, Fantasy, Erotica, and Romance.

Coach House Books: Bringing new and classic Canadian literature to a global market.

Coaches Choice: A publisher specializing in sport coaching, instruction books, and videos.

Coal Diamond Publishing: dead

Coastal Publishing: A publisher. Link redirects to Books - Mania.com.

Coatlism Press: "We offer chapbook publishing services. There is no reading fee. We respond in 3 - 6 months. We have a preference for experimental chapbooks, but all work is considered."

COBBLEHILL BOOKS: A children's book publisher. Link reported invalid.

Cobblestone Press, LLC: Not recommended. "a royalty paying electronic publisher of mainstream, sensual, and erotic romance. We do not accept erotica. We are very selective about what we publish, our editors are professionals in their fields, and our cover art is classy and attractive. Our author contracts are for a year, we pay monthly, 35% royalties. We have a monthly newsletter, an author's blog, a public writers' library, and community forums. We also have a separate newsletter sent out monthly to interested agents. We opened in June 2006 and already have built up a reputation of producing quality romances."

Cogito Media: Not recommended. A publisher.

Collegiate Press: Not recommended. A book packager and publisher of college textbooks based in San Diego, California. For more info on this, see the National Writers Union site.

COLONIAL WILLIAMSBURG FOUNDATON, THE: A children's book publisher.
P.O. Box 1776
Williamsburg, VA 23187-1776

Columbia University Press: General, scholarly, and reference books.

Comfort Publishing Services: A publisher. No longer charges for editing.

Commonwealth Publications, Inc.: dead 7 Jan 2013 - P&E just heard this directly from an author "who was drawn into both the Commonwealth and Sovereign Scams. I joined both Class Action law suits in 1999..." "yesterday, I received a check from the US Treasury in the amount of $36.27. I am assuming that will be my ONLY portion of the $1 mil. restitution the Deerings were ordered to pay."
"In case anyone would like to contact the Clerk of the U.S. District Dourt office, the person to contact in Finance is MaryAnn at PO Box 3074, Lexington, KY 40588-3074 or you can call her at 1-859-233-2503. from 8:30 am to 5 pm EST M-F."

Community Communications: Publisher of books for commercial, civic, historical, and trade associations. Link reported broken.

Community Press: A publisher. P&E is disturbed by their comments about authors obtaining professional editing.

Compradore: Charges fee. Not recommended. An e-publisher. Address unknown.

ComStar Media: A game and book publisher. 3/9/07: P&E is disturbed by their laxness on producing royalty reports on time.

Conlan Press: Recommended. A small press publisher. Not taking submissions at present.

Consortium Book Sales: Recommended. A book distributor located in Minnesota.

Cool Well Press, Inc.: A publisher offering a variety of genres including fantasy, mystery, science fiction, suspense, historicals, Young Adult, and non-fiction.

CORPORATION FOR CULTURAL LITERACY, THE: A children's book publisher. Address reported invalid. Contact at:
130 Webster Street, Suite 100
Oakland, CA 94607

Coscom Entertainment: A publisher that appears to specialize in superhero and monster fiction. Editor's note: If nothing else, their offerings sound quite hip.

Cougar Books: Appears to be a single author publisher. Link may not work.

Counterpoint, LLC: A publisher. Its imprints are Counterpoint, Shoemaker & Hoard, and Soft Skull Press.

Covenant Communications: A publisher serving the LDS market. Caution: Reports from authors that their contract is very grabby and author-unfriendly.

Covenant Signature Publishing: "a uniquely designed, multifaceted, independent plus full-service publishing company specializing in editorial services, printing services, graphics and design services, book review services, ghostwriting services, marketing services, creative writing courses, and much, much more."

CreateSpace (formerly BookSurge): A self-publishing company belonging to Amazon.com.

Creation Books: We suggtest our visitors visit http://www.creationbooksfraud.com/.

Creation House: A vanity imprint of Strang Communications. Contact at:
600 Rinehart Rd
Lake Mary, FL 32746

Creative Arts Book Company: Subsidy press. Not recommended. A publisher. Address unknown.

Creative Guy Publishing: "We publish novella length (only, for now) e-books in MS reader, adobe and palm formats. The e-novellas, or 'e-xtras' as I call them, contain stories in any genre and include special features, such as author notes, script versions, additional materail, etc. In short, any creative aspect that supports and enriches the original content. I have four titles being released in Feb 2003, and will be looking for more then."

Creatrix Books: A publisher specializing in non-fiction and feminist fiction.

Crescent Books: A book publisher. Editor's note: we recommend checking Speculations for more information.

Crescent Moon Press: A publisher featuring fantasy, science fiction, and the paranormal. Not Recommended as of 4/14: Numerous reports of problems.

Crew Publishing: A vanity publisher located in Canada.

Cromwell Publishers: Not recommended. Appears to be a vanity publisher in Chelsea, London.

Cross Books: A vanity publisher. An imprint of Christian publisher LifeWay.

Crossing Press: Publisher of books on natural healing, spirituality, and cooking.

Crossroad Publishing Company, The: "We do legitimate books by popes, the Dalai Lama, and other notables, as well as first-time authors, and we definitely are not electronic-only or fee-for-publish." P&E editor's note: not to be confused with another publisher called Crossroads Publishing which is now believed defunct.

Crossroads Publishing: Charges fee. Writer complaints. Not recommended. An electronic book publisher. Appears to be defunct. Confirmed.

CROWN PUBLISHERS: A children's book publisher. 8/5/06: Address reported invalid. Contact at:
201 East 50th Street
New York, NY 10022

Crowsnest Books: An electronic book publisher.

Cruentus Libri Press: A publisher of horror.

Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Press: Not recommended. A publisher of dark paranormal, urban fantasies, anthologies, and speculative fiction. See this thread for more details why they are not recommended.

Crystal Dreams Publications: "The fiction and general adult non-fiction publishing imprint of Multi-Media Publications Inc. Royalties paid, no author fees charged. Submissions currently being accepted for consideration."

Crystal River Press: Co-Op publishing contracts. A publisher.

Crystalline Sphere Publishing: science fiction and fantasy short stories. Plans on accepting novels in 1998. Canadian. Link reported moved.

Cthulu Publications: Represents literary and visual artists that specialize in gore, horror, tribal, and the exploration of the dark side. Link reported broken.

Cumberland House Publishers: Located in Nashville, TN. They usually publish books of historical subject, US Civil War, popular trade, mystery, cooking, etc. 7/18/09: A writer reports this publisher is out of business. Link now directs to one of its buyout companies.

Cup of Tea Books: An imprint of PageSpring Publishing featuring novel-length titles in the category of women's fiction.

Cyber-Pulp Press: Not recommended. A publisher.

cybernetbooks.com: Online book publisher and book store.

Cyberwit Press: A publisher in India that specializes in poetry. Not recommended. Reported to have solicited an author to publish their work for a fee.

Cyberwizard Productions: A publisher. Its imprints include: Ancient Tomes Press, Altered Dimensions Press, Banana Oil Books, Chaco Canyon Books, Cyberaliens Press, Dimenuendo Press, Fireside Mysteries, Toy Box Books, and Wild Plains Press.

Cynthia McMurray: Not recommended. Operates multiple publishers, some of which have gone out of business due to complaints. Bryler Publications, Three Dogs Press, Staircase Publications, Write Words.

Cypress House: "We offer consulting for self-publishers and independent publishers, as well as complete editing and book production services for authors or publishers. We also do *some* "advance and royalty" publishing, mostly with health and healing titles."

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