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Book Publisher and Distributor Listings - D


D Publishing: Nor recommended. Poor contract. A self-publishing publisher.

D'Ink Well: An imprint of Keith Publications.

D3 Press: "print books, scifi and fantasy. Submission guidelines and writers forum at the company website." Link reported broken.

Dailey Swan Publishing: Not recommended. A publisher. Reported out of business 9/2013.

Damnation Books: Strongly not recommended. A publisher.

Dan River Anthology: Charges fee. Not recommended. A publisher.

Dancing Lemur Press, L.L.C.: "Dedicated to bringing clean YA, science fiction, and high-quality non-fiction to the world."

Dancing Willow Publications: An e-publisher. A writer reports this publisher is defunct.

Dandelion Books : Poor contract. Not recommended. A publisher.

Daniel & Daniel, Publishers: Conflict of interest. Not recommended. "a literary small press that publishes fiction, memoir, essays, and poetry."

DANIEL WEISS ASSOCIATES, INC.: A children's book publisher. 8/5/06: Address reported invalid. Contact at:
33 West 17th Street
New York, NY 10011

Dare Empire eMedia Productions: A publisher.

Dare 2 Dream Publishing: Not recommended. A publisher. 7/20/05: a writer reports they're no longer in business. This is not verified.

Dark Continents Publishing: A publisher of "Dark Fantasy, Horror (supernatural, Urban, Splatterpunk and whatever other twist you can think to put on the genre), Science Fiction with a dark side."

Dark Eden Press: An ebook erotica publisher. 3/26/08: reported closing due to illness.

Dark Moon Books: Featuring "flash fiction, short stories, novelettes, novellas and novels. We will also be acceptable graphic novels of any length and are particularly interested in well-written and well-drawn black and white graphic horror tales."

Dark Quest Books: Not recommended. A publisher.

Dark Roast Press: Not recommended. A publisher that specializes in ebooks, both erotic and non-erotic.

Dark Star Publications: Not recommended. An electronic imprint of Romance Foretold, Inc.

DarkHart Press: Not recommended. A publisher specializing in Horror and Dark Fantasy and an imprint of Electric Forest Pubishing LLC.

DarkStar Books: A publisher specializing in quality genre literature and role playing games set in our in-house gaming systems. Not to be confused with Dark Star Publications. Agent required.

DAW: Recommended. A book publisher.

Dawn Publications: A children's book publisher.

Dead End Street: Appears to offer a bad contract. Not recommended. "The Premier eBook Publisher of Alternative Literature."

De Novo Publishing: A self-publisher based in Durham, NC. 11/7/08: a writer reports this company is closing.

Decadent Publishing: A publisher.

Dedalus Books: A publisher that specializes in distorted reality, a genre term they created meaning the "bizarre, the unusual and the grotesque and the surreal meld in a kind of intellectual fiction."

Deeds Publishing: A publisher.

Deep River Books: Not recommended. A publisher.

Deer Hawk Publications: A small publisher of epub and printed books. "We like books that are different that the normal."

Del Rey: Recommended. A book publisher imprint. A division of Ballantine Books. Does not accept unsolicited manuscripts.

Delhi Press Patra Prakashan Ltd.: A publisher in India. "Delhi Press is good for articles, travelogues, romantic fiction and women related topics for Woman's Era and men related topics for ALIVE." Contact at:
E3 Jhandewalan Estate Rani Jhansi Marg Delhi 110055

DELIRIUM BOOKS: "publisher of hardcover horror Anthologies and single author Collections, as well as of softcover Chapbooks and the groundbreaking, irreverent Delirium Magazine."

DellArte (formerly Harlequin Horizons): A Harlequin Enterprises vanity imprint.

Delphi Books: An independent publisher. Link broken.

Delphinium Books: A book publisher. 8/28/08: A writer reports the publisher accepts submissions from agents only.

Delta-West Publishing, Inc.: Publishes fiction novels and other types of literary work on paper and floppy disk. Link reported broken.

Denlinger's Publishers, Ltd.: Closed. A print and electronic book publisher. 7/14/08: A writer reported they are closed.

Deseret Book Company: A publisher. Caution: Reports from authors that their contract is very grabby and author-unfriendly.

Design Image Group: Publisher based in Illinois. Currently publishing books and a vampire anthology. The anthology is not recommended because of a poor contract that does not apply to their published books. Writers are urged not to submit to the DIG Vampire Anthology because the anthology contract leaves them without any legal protection.

Deunant Books: Not recommended. A publisher.

Devine Destinies: The mainstream imprint of eXtasy Books.

DeVorss & Company: A publisher of body, mind, and spirit books.

DIAL BOOKS FOR YOUNG READERS: A children's book publisher.

Dialogue Publishing, Inc.: A publisher of mainstream fiction and niche non-fiction titles. Submissions by invitation only.

Difel: Not recommended. A publisher located in Lisboa, Portugal.

Diggory Press: Strongly not recommended. A vanity publisher in the UK.

Diminished Media Group: Not recommended. A publisher.

Disc-Us Books, Inc.: Closed. "Disc-Us Books, Inc., an electronic publishing company, features new selections that have never before been published, as well as formerly out-of-print titles by contemporary authors. Most Disc-Us Books titles are available on CD-ROM, trade paperback, Print-On-Demand format, and via download. Each electronic title is housed within The ILLUMINATOR, a software reader program with a proprietary file format that is IBM/PC compatible. No costly reader appliance is necessary to read e-books. The ILLUMINATOR also helps to keep the integrity of the author's work protected.
Disc-Us Books developed The ILLUMINATOR for its own titles but it is easily adapted and is available for licensing to other publishing houses."

Discus Press: Dead

DiskUs Publishing: Recommended. An electronic book publisher.

Distinguished Press: An ebook publisher. Specializes in series.

Divertir Publishing: A publisher.

DK PUBLISHING, INC.: A children's book publisher.

Dlite Press: A self-publishing company.

DLSIJ Press: Recommended. An electronic book publisher featuring written works by women. 10/2/2012: A writer reports this site may not be operating properly.

DNA Press (ACEN Press): Not recommended. An academic subsidy publisher. Nartea Publishing is their non-subsidy fiction imprint. Not the same as DNA Publications.

Do-Not Press, The: Independent publishers of paperbacks, including the Bloodlines crime and mystery imprint. Link broken.

Documents Index: Publishing house specializing in reference manuals, referred to as "Andriot", used in researching information from government publications, to geologic and hydrologic maps, to U.S. population abstracts.

Dog Ear Publishing: A self-publishing company.

7/1/08: DogEar Publishing shows how they're less expensive than PublishAmerica.

Domhan Books (formerly Net Novels): Strongly not recommended. A print and electronic book publisher.

Donald M. Grant, Publisher: A book publisher. 2/19/07: not currently accepting submissions.

Donard Publishing: Not recommended. A vanity publisher.

Donegal Bay Publishing: This publisher concentrates on attorney publications, children's books, fiction, and technical how-to books. It appears to also have a vanity branch.

DonnaInk Publications: Not Recommended. A publisher.

Donnchad Publishing: believed defunct: Will critique, edit and publish manuscripts on-line, on CD-ROM, and in print. Link inactive.

Dorchester Publishing: Strongly not Recommended. A publisher.
Dorling Kindersley Publishing Inc.: A publisher.

Dorrance Publishing: Not recommended. A vanity and subsidy publisher.

Double Dragon EBooks: An epublisher.

Double Edge Press: A publisher.

Double-Edged Publishing, Inc.: A publisher of magazines and books. 3/12/11: Link reported broken.

dpdotcom: A small publisher.

Dragon Lair Books: Not recommended. A publisher dedicated to Self Publishing and Print On Demand authors.

Dragon Moon Press: A small publisher. They will be accepting manuscripts only on a referred basis from their authors and partners.

Dragonfairy Press: A publisher that features the various subgenres of fantasy and science fiction.

DragonPencil: A self-publishing business. Appears to be oriented toward children's books. Their prices appear high.

Dragonwell Publishing: A book publisher.

Draumr Publishing, LLC: Web site defunct 4/14. ("We are a new print on demand publisher who offers books in both print and ebook format. We are a royalty paying publisher, no fees to authors, ever! Two of the owners are published authors so our publishing house is very author-friendly. We are seeking submissions in many genres, including romance, bbw romance, science fiction, fantasy, horror, adventure and more! No agent necessary, will work with published and unpublished authors alike.")

DRC Publishing: A small publisher located in Canada. P&E isn't hearing good things about this publisher.

Dream Books LLC: A publisher specializing in "mystery, science fiction, and adventure, thrillers and is currently looking for an emotional "tear jerking" book as well as great mysteries, sci fi, and thriller adventure books."

Dream Catcher Publishing: Poor contract. Not recommended. A vanity publisher.

Dream of Things: A publisher specializing in anthologies of creative non-fiction.

Dreamriver Press: A publisher. "Its main interest is in the general fields of mind-body-spirit, environment, new economics, alternative health, and fictional fables for all ages."

Dreams N Fantasies: An imprint of Keith Publications.

Dreams Unlimited: defunct: Electronic romance publisher. Very classy site. Accepts submissions in English and German.

Drollerie Press: Closed. A publisher "most interested in what we call transformative fiction, including supernatural, myth, legend and new or re-written fairytales, in any place or time; erotic content encouraged but not required. Submissions are accepted as e-mail attachments in any recognized word processing software document."

DUNGAN BOOKS: An "independent publisher of trade paperbacks and ebooks specializing in classic literature." Added 5/21/07: "Currently, we are looking for social commentary and political non-fiction submissions, especially those which employ humor and/or detailed statistical analysis. Submit complete manuscript in body of message; it is not necessary to query."

Durban House Publishing: Poor contract. Strongly not recommended. A small publisher located in Dallas, Tx. Research indicates this to be a vanity publisher.

DUTTON CHILDREN'S BOOKS: A children's book publisher.

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