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Book Publisher and Distributor Listings - E


E-dition: "Get published in a new medium for a new millennium: E-books for Windows, a new reading experience! Enjoy classics, cooking books, manuals, fiction and much more. Soyez publie' dans un nouveau me'dium pour le nouveau mille'naire: micro-e'dition pour Windows. Plus qu'un simple livre, une expe'rience multime'dia."

e-pulp: defunct: an electronic publishing company.

E. M. Press, Inc.: accepts both fiction and non-fiction book manuscripts from Virginia authors only. A writer reports this publisher might be out of business.

Eakin Press: A publisher. P&E isn't hearing good things about this publisher.

Earthscan Publications: environmental
and social science publisher.

East View Publications: clearinghouse for publications from Russia,the CIS,and Central Europe.

Eastern Washington Univeristy Press: A university press.

EastWind Productions - Written Arts: electronic book publisher. Link reported broken.

Ebook Publishing.us: "a unique smaller company that dedicates itself to family and educational oriented eBooks and soon to offer Hand Bound Books. Sneak peak of work in progress at our new sister site of www.DestinationEbooks.com."

eBooks2go.com: Charges fee. Not recommended. a publisher featuring editing and other services.

ebooksonthe.net: An e-publisher. An imprint of Write Words, Inc.

Eborn Books: Not recommended. A publisher.

Echelon Press: "publishes quality print and electronic fiction in many genres, including sci-fi, fantasy, mystery, romance, light horror and non-fiction. They are actively seeking submissions."

Echolalia Press: Specializes in books about and by people with Tourette Syndrome. Topics include: music, poetry, and Monkey Magazine.

Ecko House Publishing: Poor contract. Not recommended. A self-publisher with an unusual pricing structure.

Eclectic Pres: A book publisher. Editor's note: we recommend checking The Renaissance Papers / A.L. Sirois for more information.

ECPrinting: A printer specializing in "affordable high quality book printing for self publishers and small publishing companies."

ECW Press Ltd.: Publishes trade books of all kinds, including contemporary celebrity biographies. 10/21/04: A writer reports that site appears to be fixated now on essays.

Edge Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing: Not recommended. A Canadian book publisher.

Ediciones Aguilar, Taurus, Alfaguar: Publishers of prominent writers in Spanish language.

Ediciones Destino: Publishes Spanish and universal authors.

Edinburgh University Press: academic publisher in Scotland.

Editions Dedications: A French Canadian publisher. They do produce works in English, but they appear to have more in French. Their contract is in French. Consequently, P&E advises caution to those who do not read French.

Editions Didier Millet: Publishing company based in Singapore and Paris. Link broken.

Editions DeNoel: A publisher. 7/10/07: a writer advises us this is a publisher and not a literary agency.

Editor & Publisher: Is a 113-year-old publishing company that publishes magazines and reference books for the North American newspaper publishing industry.

Editora FTD: Brazilian book publisher.

Edizioni Laterza on-line: Italian academic publishing house.

Edunsa: Specializes in text books in Spanish.

EELC Publishing: Offers fantasy novels, poetry, and personalized storybooks. Link reported broken.

EERDMANS BOOKS FOR YOUNG READERS: A children's book publisher.
255 Jefferson Avenue
Grand Rapids, MI 49503

Eggplant Literary Productions: A publisher.

Egmont UK: a publisher. $ Handles a lot of children's books. Contact at:
Egmont Children's Books
239 Kensington High Street
London W8 6SA
Great Britain

Egore Press: defunct: "Dark fantasy and horror novelettes, novellas, and short story collections of 30,000 to 45,000 words."

Eland Books: Publisher specializing in travel literature, but also some biography, oral history, and fiction.

Elder Signs Press: A publisher specializing in science fiction, dark fiction, fantasy, and horror.

Elderberry Press: A vanity publisher. P&E is receiving complaints about this publisher.

eLectio Publishing, LLC: A publisher aimed at the Christian market.

Electra-Light Books: book publisher. Appears to be dead.

Electric eBook Publishing: "A Canadian eBook Publisher. Works with new and emerging writers as well as seasoned professionals. Accepts submissions in Fiction, Non-Fiction, and Poetry. Does not accept simultaneous submissions. Assists writers in the development and production of Quality eBooks. Publication within six months of acceptance." 6/20/05: we have multiple reports of this publisher closing.

Electric Umbrella: defunct: An e-publisher.

Electric Works Publishing: an online book publisher.

Electron Press: Publishes fiction and non-fiction as downloadable Acrobat files.

Elektrik Milkbath Press: Not recommended. A publisher

Elliot Mackenzie Publishers: Not recommended. A subsidy publisher.

Ellora's Cave Romantica Publishing: Contract needs improving. A publisher. Specializes in Romantica™ defined as any work of literature that is both romantic and sexually explicit in nature. Not for minors.

Eloquent Books: Strongly not recommended. A vanity publisher.

Elwood eBooks: Agent required. No advances. Not recommended. An epublisher.

Elysium Press: Publishes letterpress books with a focus on works by neglected and overlooked gay authors of the last century.

Emece Editores: Argentinian publisher of books in Spanish.

Empty Canoe, LLC, The: Defunct. Stipulated fraud judgment. Not recommended. A book publisher. The Washington State Office of the Attorney General announced in November 2007, a settlement with the proprietors of The Empty Canoe and The Ghostwriting Studio that the proprietors will not operate any further publishing operations until they refund money paid to them by all of their victims.

Empyrean Quest Publishers: A book publisher. Link reported broken.

ENC Press: Strange contract. P&E recommends caution. A publisher featuring unusual, unpredictable fiction.

Enovel: Defunct. Poor contract. Not recommended. An electronic book publisher.

ENSLOW PUBLISHERS, INC.: A children's book publisher.
44 Fadem Road
Box 699
Springfield, NJ 07081-0699

Enspiren Press: A small print and ebook publisher. Link reported broken.

Entangled Publishing: A publisher that appears to be mostly interested in romance. Looks like it could be a good company.

Entranced Publishing: A publisher. 3/2014 Caution: Author reports they are not paying. Web site links broken.

Entry Way Publishing: Not recommended. A vanity publisher. "Publishing and editing all bundled into one. All the way from the beginning edits to 50 printed books being delivered to the writer. Marketing and advertising are also included...all from the same company, Entry Way Publishing - the company with passion and tenacity for the writer's work that leads straight to success."

EOS (formerly HarperPrism): An imprint of HarperCollins.

Epigraph Trade Publishing : A vanity publisher.

ePress-online.com: "royalty paying, now accepting submissions of novels, general fiction, mysteries, fantasy and science fiction plus non-fiction (book length) relating to the Craft of Writing. ePress is a division of Writopia, http://www.writersvillage.com/preview/membership-info.shtml a writer oriented site which provides a free six week introductory class on fiction writing, a membership site with over 200 writing classes and publishes T-zero, the writers' ezine http://thewritersezine.com and the free character building workshop at http://writersvillage.com/character/".

Equilibrium Books: A vanity POD publisher in Australia.

Era Publications: Not recommended. A publisher believed located in Australia.

Erica Books: Not recommended A vanity book publisher.

Erica Books: A small publisher of print and ebooks.

Erotique' Press: An erotic book publisher. Good news, they have a much improved contract.

Erotic-Ebooks: an e-publisher. Link reported broken.

EroticBookSociety.com, Ltd.: as it states. Not for minors Link reported broken.

Escape Media (Open Books): Poor contract. Not recommended. A publisher.

Eternal Press: Not recommended. A Canadian epublisher that plans to also produce print versions in 2008.

Etopia: Strongly not recommended. A publisher. P&E is hearing some bad things about this publisher and has received documentation. See also this thread.

eTreasures Publishing: An ebook publisher. 2009: Under new ownership.

Eumar Publications: self help, gambling, and legal do-it-yourself books. Link reported broken.

Evergreen Press Christian Publishing: Not recommended. A publisher. Associated with Gazelle Press, Axiom Press and RevPress.

Evernight Publishing: A publisher.

Evolved Publishing: Not recommended. A publisher.

extasyBooks: "Erotic imprint of Zumaya Publications. Accepts submissions of all genres, established and otherwise, ranging from romance to erotica. Copy of contract and guidelines available on the website."

Eyeball Books: A book publisher. Unknown if publisher accepts manuscripts from outside. Believed to specialize in reprints.

Excessica Publishing: A publisher "of erotic fiction, everything from the sweet to the taboo."

Exeter House Books: offering true ghost stories, shipwrecks, train wrecks, hauntings, folklore, and legends in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, and Delaware.

Exisle Publishing: New Zealand based company specialising in books, series and rights, mainly in the Pacific Rim region. Present areas of interest include natural history, biography, and regional culture.

Ezine Article.Com: Not recommended. An ezine article publisher now putting together a book.

EZP Publishing: A publisher. Link broken.

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