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Book Publisher and Distributor Listings - I


Iconic Publishing: Strongly not recommended. A publisher. P&E suggest writers read the comments about Iconic at the Absolute Write forum.

iEnovel: An epublisher with its own bookstore.

Ig Publishing: A publisher featuring original literary fiction, and political and cultural nonfiction, with an emphasis on books that come out of the progressive netroots movement.

IllumiNet Press: Offering books on unusual subjects: conspiracy theory, UFOs, unusual and bizarre. 9/29/04: a writer reports the editor died and the publishing house is defunct.

ImageQuest International Electronic Publishing: Has sci-fi/fantasy zine, contests, software, e-books and much more. Link reported broken.

Images SI Inc.: An illustrator's site. No longer an audio book publisher interested in short stories and short novels.

ImaJinn Books: Paperback SF Romance publisher.

Immortal Ink Publishing: A publisher. Some authors report good success. Extensive thread here.

Immortal Publications: Electronic book publishing company that publishes any genre of taste. Looking for writers, particularly those who would like to publish using HTML with graphics, other formats also. Link broken.

IMPERIUM PROVISO PUBLISHING: Charges fee. Not recommended. A book publisher.

Inara Press: A "publisher specializing in historical and speculative romance fiction, including fantasy, science fiction, horror, time-travel, vampires, shapeshifters, ghostly phenomena and more. Novel-length manuscripts accepted, as are short stories for ongoing anthology projects and novella-length works for our signature line of Seron Serials. We do not publish erotica, or manuscripts about alternative lifestyles. Titles released in electronic formats, with single titles to also be available in trade paperback. Our contract is fully negotiable and our authors never pay any fees for editing, publishing or for product listing in our catalog or approved bookstores." Link reported broken.

Inda Publishing: Special books on all subjects: science fiction, jokes & do it yourself books. Link reported broken.

Independence Books: Strongly not recommended. An imprint of PublishAmerica.

Independent Publishers Group: Recommended. A book distributor.

Indigo Publishing: defunct: An electronic book publisher.

Infinity Publishing: Not recommended. A vanity publisher located in Pennsylvania and affiliated with Spoken Books Publishing. "With our Author-Originated Book Publishing method authors retain all rights to their work, enjoy royalties paid monthly, benefit from expansive distribution outlets, and enjoy the convenience of our generous bookstore return policy. Find out how our author-friendly book publishing method can take you from un-published writer to published author."

Influence Publishing (also www.influencepublishing.com): a vanity publisher. Requires high fees for services to publish. Not recommended.

Ingram Book Group: Recommended. A book wholesaler. (Writers find this useful to know because they can find out sales numbers for specific books by dialing (615) 213-6803 from a touch-tone phone and then entering the ISBN.) 9/30/09: a writer reports this number is no longer operative.)

Inked In Blood: Not recommended. A publisher specializing in horror and the paranormal.

Inkwater Press: A vanity publisher.

InspireABook Publishing Coaching: See Influence Publishing. Not recommended.

Instantpublisher: "has been helping authors get published for about 5 years now, our parent company has been publishing cookbooks for over 30 years. We take a little different approach than many of our competitors, we do not try to sell our authors books and charge huge set up fees or retain any rights to the books. We give the authors their books when finished and let them distribute them however they like. Our prices are very good and our turnaround time is from 7-10 days on most of our book types. We offer 6 types of binding and color publishing along with many custom options."

Intaglio Publications: A publisher accepting full length lesbian fiction manuscripts for publication consideration.

Integral Tradition Publishing: A vanity publisher that requires an investment.

The Intelligent Optimist (formerly ODE Magazine): Not recommended. A publisher.

Intermedia Publishing Group: A vanity publisher. P&E recommends that individuals interested in dealing with this publisher visit http://ipgcomplaints.com/qanda/qanda1.

International Book Management Corporation: Not recommended. A publisher.

International Library of Poetry (formerly National Library of Poetry): Not recommended. Publishes poetry compilations. Check out these other comments:

International Publications: Charges fee. Not recommended. "a small press located in Tucson, Arizona. All of our books are hand-bound, quality products."

International Publishers Marketing: Located in Herndon, Virginia, this firm offers marketing and distribution services to publishers.

International Publishing Associates: Not recommended.

Intrepid Traveler, The: A travel book publisher.

Intrigue Press: Small publisher of mystery, thrillers, and suspense. One writer who submitted to this publisher states that the rejection was useful.

Invader Press: Looks like a self-publishing house.

Invisible Cities Press: A book publisher. Link reported invalid.

Iota Publishing: A publisher. 2/12/09: Link broken.

iPublish.com: defunct: Very poor contract. Not recommended. Time Warner Books' new eBook publishing company.

Iranbooks: Publishes books in English and Farsi about Persian art, culture, history, politics, food, language, and poetry.

ISFN Publishing: A publisher. "All of our titles are distributed under a Creative Commons license, and the digital versions are available for free or through donation. The hardcover and paperback editions... are not free, but hopefully worth the price!"

Irish Story Playhouse (aka Lizzie Brayden): Not recommended. A publisher.

Island Press: Publisher of books about the environment for professionals.

Itoh Press: A publisher.

iUniverse: Not recommended. Vanity and self-publisher service. A division of Author Solutions.

Ivan R. Dee, Publisher: A publisher and member of the Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group, Inc.

Ivy House Publishing Group: A subsidy book publisher.

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