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Book Publisher and Distributor Listings - M


M&N Publishing: A West London-based book packager and publisher.

M.E. Sharpe: Produces books and journals in the fields of Asian Studies, Economics, European & Russian Area Studies, History, and Political Science.

Macabre Ink: A book publisher believed specializing in limited editions of horror. Appears limited to only one author.

Maclay & Associates, Publishers: A book publisher believed specializing in collectible editions of horror and suspense.

Macmillan Publishing: A book publisher. "Pearson Technology Group (formerly Macmillan Computer Publishing) will no longer maintain web sites at MCP.com." Address reported inoperative.

Madman Express: Chapbook publisher/printer. Link reported invalid.

Magic Carpet Books: Erotic Romance publisher. Sells contemporary erotic romance novels, primarily via Barnes and Noble. Flat rate fee of $1800 to the author for a 75K novel. Contact info unavailable.

Mainly Murder Press: A publisher.

Makdan Publishing: A publisher.

Malachite Quills Publishing: A publisher of science fiction and fantasy.

Maledicta Press: Insults, curses, swearwords, slurs, graffiti, slang, blasphemies, obscenities, threats, taboos, and other maledicta from around the world.

Malvern Publishing / Tony Harold: Not recommended. Also doing business as British Book Company. Address reported inoperative.

Manatee Publishing: Not recommended. An imprint of vanity publisher, Four Seasons Publishers.

Mandala Press, The: Not recommended. A vanity publisher affialiated with Sun Rising Books. Located at:
724 Felix
St. Joseph, MO 64506

MapleInk Publishing: "an online electronic book publisher that sells eBooks, offers free eBooks, and accepts submissions from independent authors." Contributed by Jill Anderson. Link reported inactive.

Mardi Gras: A publisher. 8/26/07: a writer reports this house is defunct.

Margaret Gee Publishing: Conflict advisory. An Australian literary agency and publisher.

MARGARET K. McELDERRY BOOKS: A children's book publisher.

Mark V. Ziesing/Ziesing Books: Recommended. A limited edition book publisher. Link broken.

Mark Williams International: A publisher. P&E is hearing complaints about this one.

MARLvision: An up and coming small publisher.

Marquette Books: Not recommended. A small publisher. Also produces vanity books.

Mars Publishing: Strongly not recommended. A publisher. Last reported filing for bankruptcy. P&E recommends that writers who dealt with this publisher visit The Bewares Board at Absolute Write to learn about their possible options.

Marshal Truman Publishing: Very poor contract. Not recommended. A publisher.

Martin Brown Publishers: A publisher. As of 2014, contract takes a lot of rights a small publisher may not be able to exploit.

Martin Sisters Publishing: A publisher.

Mascot Books: A self-publishing publisher.

Matador: Not recommended. A self-publisher in the UK.

Mathews Books: "a new Print on Demand publishing company, started by Shirley Dicks, author of nine published book with the traditional publishing companies. We started this company in order to, 1. publish books to help other authors to make more money by giving a 40% royalty where traditional companies give ten percent. 2. Make money ourselves, but only adding a few dollars to the cost of printing the book, the rest to go to the authors themselves the way it should be. Authors will buy their own books at cost plus a couple of dollars. 3. Authors hold all rights to their books, can get out of any contract with us with written notice. 4. Our cost is only a little above the cost of printing, ISBN and bar code cost. 5. We also have publicity packages to promote each author for an extra cost, however, we do submit to a hundred book stores and also set up book signings for our authors." Editor's note: There is no publishing conflict present. The primary's agency closed just after the publishing branch opened. Added 12/5/04: appears to be links only now.

Mayapple Press: Charges fee. Not recommended. A poetry publisher. Location unknown.

Mayhaven Publishers: A vanity publisher. Address uknown.

McBooks Press: A publisher. Contact at:
120 West State Street
Ithacha, NY 14850

McCleery and Sons Publishing: A source indicated they are being sued in North Dakota for fraud and failure to pay royalties. believed to be a vanity/subsidy publisher.

McClelland & Stewart: A Canadian publisher of literary fiction and non-fiction.

McFarland: A publisher specializing in scholarly, reference and academic books.

McGraw Hill: Professional, reference, and trade publishing.

McGraw Publishing Inc.: Defunct. A publisher. Contact at:
801 Oakdale Ave.
Houston, TX 77571

McKenna Publishing Group: Conflict of interest. Not recommended. A publisher.

Meadowside Children's Books: A publisher.

Medallion Press: Very poor contract. Strongly not recommended. "a genre fiction publisher that publishes mainstream adult fiction in a variety of genres and will do so in such a way as to raise the level of expectations of the book buying public so that they look to Medallion Press, Inc. as a leader in the publishing industry. In 2010 we will debut a non-fiction line as well."

MeeGenius!: Poor contract. A publisher that "digitizes children's stories, classic and new, and adds features such as word highlighting and audio playback for easy read-along."

Meisha-Merlin: Closed. Recommended. A book publisher of science fiction and horror.

Melange Books, LLC: A digital and print on demand house.

Mellen Press: "A non-subsidy academic publisher of books in the humanities and social sciences." Further information is noted here.

Melville House: A publisher. One report of extremely slow response time.

Me'lange Press: A self-publisher.

Memoware.com: Not recommended. A book distributor.

Mercury Publishing House: A general trade book publisher.

Mercury Retrograde Press: Not recommended. A publisher.

MG Audiobook Publishers: "offers both individual Authors and Publishing Houses the ability to market any novel in audiobook format. MG Audio is dedicated to producing high quality best-selling fiction and non-fiction recorded on audiocassette tape and/or compact disc."

Miclyn Liteary Service: a printer. Contact at:
P.O. Box 553
Nixa, MO 65714-0553

Middle Atlantic Press: A publisher "dedicated to publishing the best in regional publishing. Our goal is to publish quality nonfiction books that the residents of the Mid-Atlantic region and the residents of the East Coast of the United States can enjoy for years to come."

Midici Books: Charges fee. Not recommended. A publisher. Has no sales network other than offering its books to its own authors. 10/4/07: a writer reports this publisher is defunct. Unverified.

Midnight Hour Publishing: Not recommended. A publisher.

Midnight Ink Publishers: An umprint of Llewellyn Publishers that features mystery books.

Midnight Showcase: A print and ebook publisher featuring romance and erotica.

Midpoint Trade Books: Located in New York, NY this book distributor covers wholesalers, chain stores, mass merchandisers, and independents in the UK, US, and Canada.

Midwestern Media Mill: Canadian electronic book publisher.

Mighty Words: defunct: Not recommended. epublisher.

Mill Creek Press: Appears to be a small self-publishing company located in Salt Lake City, Utah.

MILLBROOK PRESS, INC., THE: a curriculum-based publisher for kids books. Contact at:
2 Old New Milford Road
Brookfield, CT 06804

Milligan Books: Literary agency conflict. Not recommended. a book publisher. Appears to specialize in black authors.

Minerva Press: Believed located in the UK. Subsidy press. 5/25/03: a writer reports this publisher went bankrupt.

Minerva Press India: A vanity publisher in India. Contact information unavailable.

Ministry of Whimsy: "World Fantasy Award finalist the Ministry of Whimsy produces Works of Convulsive Beauty and Relentless Imagination, along with Literature for the Reality Impaired such as the critically acclaimed Punktown collection by Jeffrey Thomas and the Leviathan series of fiction anthologies. It is the only small press whose work has received the Philip K. Dick award for its publication of Stepan Chapman's novel The Troika." Link broken.

Mint Publishers: A book distributor.

MIRA: An imprint of Harlequin Enterprises.

Mirror Publishing: A publisher located in Milwaukee, WI. A writer reports they charge for publishing. Verified.
1. "We don't charge for any service, including creating the books, listing them through Lightning Source (who charges to upload files as well as list the titles with all the wholesalers and distributors), editing and proofreading, custom covers, etc.
2. We only make about 50 cents per book so we can keep the author's cost and retail price as low as possible, considering that we utilize POD. Our full colors children's books, for example, sell from $7.99 to to $9.99.
3. We provide contact info for our authors so people can contact them directly, and they are our best advertising. They might not have paid off their mortgages 20 years early, but they've had a great experience. You're welcome to contact any or all of them as well.
4. We don't mislead authors as to what's expected and the pitfalls of non-traditional publishing. They go into it with their eyes wide open and that's why most of our authors have done well. The author of Tommy the Throwaway Dog sold over 1200 books in her first three months. And we have similar stories."
Neal Wooten
Managing Editor
Mirror Publishing

MK Publishing Services: A vanity publisher.

MLR Press: A publisher featuring M/M erotic romance and gay fiction. Not for minors.

Mockingbird Lane Press: A vanity publisher.

Mojo Press: A book publisher specializing in genre fiction. Link reported inactive.

Mojocastle Press: An ebook publisher.

Mondial: A publisher specializing in rare or unusual books written in English, Esperanto, and German.

MONDO PUBLISHING, INC.: A children's book publisher.

MonkeyShelf: Not recommended. A YADS publisher.

Monsoon Books: A publisher located in Singapore.

Montag Press: A publisher interested primarily in the following genres and sub-genres: Speculative fiction, Horror fiction, Subversive fiction, Utopian and Dystopian fiction, Apocalyptic and Post-Apocalyptic fiction,and Experimental fiction.

Moongypsy Press: Not recommended. A publisher.

MoonlitBooks.com: An epublisher specializing in gay & lesbian genre fiction. Link broken.

Mopoke Publishing: An electronic book publisher based in Australia.

Morgan James Publishing: A vanity publisher.

Morning Rain Publishing: "A small press specializing in e-publishing short stories, novellas, and novels. Our goal is to discover great Canadian writing to share with readers all over the world. Address: P.O. Box 20047, 2211 Brant Street, Burlington, ON L7P 0A4 . Categories: Canadian, Fiction, Middle Grade, Young Adult, New Adult, Literary."

Morris Publishing: A book manufacturer specializing in self-publishing.

MORROW JUNIOR BOOKS: A children's book publisher. Taken over by HarperCollins. Contact at:
1350 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10019

Motivational Press, Inc.: A publisher.

Mountain Girl Press: Small publisher located in Bristol, Virginia specializing in "fiction that celebrates the wit, humor, and strength of Appalachian women."

Mountain Mist Productions: "Australian E-Publisher accepting all general readership genres and showcasing Authors with a view to attracting Editors, Agents and Print Publishers." 6/16/06: Closed to submissions.

MountainView Publishing Company: Publisher of inspirational romance and Christian fiction, providing books in electronic format. Reported now a division of Treble Heart Books.

MP Publishing: A publisher in the Isle of Man.

MULBERRY BOOKS: A children's book publisher. Contact at:
1350 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10019
7/5/11: A writer reports this as closed. Unverified.

Multi-Media Publications Inc.: "For over 20 years, publishing books, ebooks, and audiobooks. Royalties paid, no author fees charged. Submissions currently being accepted for consideration."

Mundania Press LLC: A publisher. "Publishes all fiction genres, specializing in science-fiction, fantasy, horror, and mystery. Books are published in eBook, Trade Paperback, and Hardcover formats. We are currently open for submissions. Looking for novels and short stories for themed anthologies."

Musa Publishing: A publisher specializing in romance, historicals, speculative fiction, GLBT, paranormal, mystery/thriller, contemporary fiction, YA, action/adventure.

MuseItUp Publishing: A Canadian e-publishing company.

Myrddin Publishing (formerly Fantasy Island Book Publishing): Not recommended. A publisher.

Mystic Press: Not recommended. A vanity publisher. 8 Nov 12: P&E is receiving complaints about this publisher.

Mystic Publishers: A publisher. "They have both a "help you publish" division."

Mystic-Ink Publishing: "a division of RoadWizards, Inc. that has emerged through the Community of Writers. The company has been online since 1995 and is committed to providing quality services and promotional opportunities for writers." A writer reports this as Out of Business.

Mythic Dragon Publishing: Not recommended. A publisher. Now named Big Sky Press.

Mythica Publishing: A publisher specializing in fiction.

Mythspinner Press: A book publisher. Unknown if publisher accepts work from outside writers. Link reported inactive.

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