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Book Publisher and Distributor Listings - N


Naked Snake Press: "We publish single author chapbooks as well as an online forum for horror fiction and poetry called Naked Snake Online. Also the publisher of Poe Little Thing, a printed horror poetry digest in the tradition of Edgar: Digested Verse and Frisson." May be defunct. Link broken.

Nartea Publishing: An imprint of DNA Press that publishes fantasy, science fiction, sports, and recreation books.

National Book Network: A book distributor located in Lanham, MD.

National Parks: Produced by the NPCA, it "publishes articles about areas in the National Park System, proposed new areas, threats to parks or park wildlife, new trends in park use, legislative issues, and endangered species of plants or animals relevant to national parks."

Naughty Nights Press: Not recommended. A publisher in Canada.

NBM Publishing: A graphic novel publisher.

Necronomicon Press: A book publisher. Site lists only where their books can be purchased. We don't know where their main site is now if they have one.

Neighborhood Press: Not recommended. A small press publisher. Publishes romance and children's books and a romance magazine. The site also features a contest. See the site for details.

Nelson Publishing, LLC: A vanity publisher.

NESFA Press: Highly recommended. Publishing branch of the New England Science Fiction Association. "NESFA Press does not accept unsolicited submissions NESFA Press publishes books by the guest of honor at selected conventions — usually Boskone and occasionally the Worldcon."

NESHUI PUBLISHING: Charges reading fee. Not recommended. A publisher. Link reported broken.

Net Publishers: An electronic book publisher. Link reported inactive.

Neverland Publishing: A publisher. Reports of emails being ignored from contracted authors. [5/14]

New Age Dimensions, Inc.: closed: "a publisher of eBooks and paperbacks who is very author friendly. They are publishing general fiction, nonfiction, romance, fantasy, science fiction, mystery, thrillers, multicultural fiction, BBW/BHM fiction, paranormal, vampire and have four ongoing anthology imprints. Now accepting submissions. Royalty paying. Never a fee to authors." 2/21/06: a writer reports it is closed.

New Age World Publishing: Charges fee. Not recommended. A book publisher in California. Other imprints are Dubsar House, Earth Religions Press, and Pagan World Press.

New Canaan Publishing: "a small, independent publisher of children's books as well as Christian books for all ages." Warning: trojan virus lurking on this publisher's site. (2/27/07)

New Century Publishing: Strongly not recommended. A publishing company.
New Concepts Publishing: An electronic and print book publisher. P&E has noticed this company sometimes fails to use pseudonyms when requested by authors.

New Fiction: A publisher that publishes books online for free.

New Gaia Press: A publisher featuring educational material on all aspect of paganism and earth-based subjects.

NEW HOPE INTERNATIONAL: A UK book and poetry magazine publisher. 3/12/11: Link reported broken.

New Page Publishing: A book publisher. Appears to specialize in "nonfiction books for adult readers seeking practical information to improve themselves in careers, college, finance, parenting, retirement, spirituality, and other related topics."

New Press: A publisher.

New World Library: A publisher specializing in New Age works.

New World Media: A vanity publisher. 4/29/08: A writer reports they're not answering their client emails. P&E advises caution.

new writersebooks4u.com: An ebook publisher believed located in the UK.

NewBookPublishing.com: "A book publisher, printer, and media company. Our specialty is the Christian market. If you can dream it, we can print it! We pay the highest royalties in the industry. We are a hybrid self-publishing company. Authors keep 100% rights to their books. We have been in business since 2006 and our sister company, Apopka Printing has been around since 1969!"

NewOrleansStories: Features fiction set in New Orleans by writers from that area.

Newport Books: Small publisher marketing books about health, self-help, women's issues, and children. Link broken.

NexusTeq Publications: "Electronic publisher of quality fiction and non-fiction." Link is broken.

NF Publishing: A small publisher. Also offers self-publishing. Link closed. 5/28/07: P&E has a report they're being sued for non-payment.

Night Shade Books: A small press publisher in San Francisco specializing in fantasy, horror, and sci-fi.

Nightengale Press: A vanity publishing outfit. Their site features some inaccurate and misleading information.

Nitelinks, Inc.: "a Royalty publisher of downloadable electronic books. E-book excerpts, writers' resources. Our books feature copyright protection. We also offer shareware, freeware and proprietary software." Contributed by Laura Kecherson.

No Boundaries Publishing: A publisher. Closing Jun 30, 2013 according to a blog post at http://noboundariespress.com/2013/06/05/nbp-is-closing/ .

No Starch Press: Recommended. Publish books on various technologies.

Noble House Publishers: Not recommended. A publisher.

Noble Romance Publishing, LLC: An ebook publisher of superior quality, cutting-edge erotic romance. P&E is hearing some discontent about NRP.

Nomadic Delirium Press: A book publisher specializing in science fiction. No longer seeking novels.

NORTH-SOUTH BOOKS: A children's book publisher.

North Country Books: Not recommended. A publisher.

North Light Publishing: Caveat: Caution: Have the contract reviewed by an agent or attorney. Reportedly this publisher pays a one-time fee for making a "compilation" of the author's materials, but has reportedly then created an entire new book for a set payment, paying no royalties on the new book, and cease publishing the old, royalty-paying book. An art book imprint of F & W Publishers.

Northwest Publishing: A book publisher. editor's note: we recommend checking The Short Order for information about complaints. Link reported broken.

NoSpine.com: "set up in 2000 to allow authors to self-publish their works for profit, without having to spend hundreds or even thousands of pounds on printing and distribution. Our authors come from 6 continents; they keep full rights to their work at all times, set their own prices, and retain 80% of the sale price of each copy sold."

Nottingham Publishing: A print and electronic book publisher. Link broken.

Nouveau Press: A vanity press. "produces hardcover and mass market paperback editions with a wide range of interests in fiction and nonfiction, true crime, suspense, mysteries, romance, and women's fiction." Link broken.

Nova Audio: An audio book publisher.

NOVA SCIENCE PUBLISHERS, INC.: a book publisher. Contact at:
6080 Jericho Turnpike, Suite 207
Commack, NY 11725

Novel Books Inc.: defunct: Not recommended. A book publishing site. Contract features an unusual stock option.

Novel Concept Publishing: An epublisher.

Novel Idea, A: A showplace for new unpublished novels. Link inactive.

Novel Novels: Publishes books on disk. Appears to be a single-author publisher. 10/26/10: a writer reports this publisher appears to be defunct. Link broken.

Novello Festival Press: A publisher interested in books that feature the Southeast.

NovelMaker: A vanity publisher.

NVF (New Voices in Fiction): Not recommended. A publisher.

NVH Books Publishing: Not recommended. Features "affordable publishing contracts to suit today's economy; lower publishing prices and suitable contracts for the new voices in horror fiction that long to see their work in print. Six month contracts, 60% royalties go the author, 40% to the publisher. After six month contract is up, 100% of the royalties go to the author. One-time rights only to publish your manuscript. Authors retain all rights to their work."

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