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Book Publisher and Distributor Listings - P - PublishAm


More at PublishAmerica-PublishIcelandica | Publishers-Pz

Pacific Coast Press: Small press book publisher. Link reported broken.

Padwolf Publishers: A book publisher. A writer notified us that this company's contract contains unusual features. Some unacceptable. Another writer informs us that Padwolf is reasonable in negotiating or removing some sections of their contract.

Pagans Press: A publisher featuring books for the pagan community.

Page Publishing: A vanity publisher.

Pagefree Publishing: Charges fee. Not recommended. "Self-publishing Print on Demand." Affiliated with Books OnScreen. 8/18/06: A writer pointed P&E to a site concerning PageFree Publishing that may be of interest to those writers who have used its services and are disappointed.

Palari Publishing: "seeking nonfiction and fiction, royalty-based publisher, respond to submissions in one month."

Palimpsest Press: reported defunct: A royalty-paying electronic publisher of novels of all genres.

Palmetto Scrubs Publishing: Not recommended. A self-publishing companion of PoetWorks Press.

Panic Press: Not recommended. A vanity publisher.

Paper Tiger: "a publishing imprint which embodies the concepts of science fiction and fantasy art through illustrations, by leading world artists."

Paperbox Books Publishing: An e-publishing company.

Papyrus Book Publishing House: A Canadian non-profit book publisher. Link reported broken.

Para Publishing: 450 pages of resources for writers, editors and publishers. Information products on non-fiction book promotion and parachutes/skydiving.

PARACHUTE PRESS, INC.: A children's book publisher. 4/2/09: a writer reports mail was returned from this address. Contact at:
156 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10010

ParaDon Books Publishing: Charges fee. Not recommended. A publisher.

Parallel View Publishing: "A publisher of Spiritual/ mind, body, and spirit books."

Park East Press: A vanity publisher.

Parker Publishing LLC: "new and specialize in AfriKan-American works."

Passion Nook: Publishes personalized romantic fantasies where the reader becomes a part of the romance. Link reported broken.

Pathfinder Press: International publisher of books and pamphlets by revolutionary fighters.

PD Publishing: Not recommended. Exorbitant termination fees. A publisher.

PEACHTREE PUBLISHERS, LTD.: A children's book publisher. Contact at:
1700 Chattahoochee Ave.
Atlanta, GA 30318-2112

Peak Interactive Books: An organization serving the print publishing industry by providing inexpensive ways to make electronic multi-media books with print, CD_ROM, and Web parts using traditional print publishing methods.

Pear Jam Books: Not recommended. A publisher in New Zealand.

Pearl Street Publishing: A publisher located in Denver, CO. P&E is not hearing good things about this publisher. Contact P&E if you've had dealings with this publisher.

Pedernales Publishing, LLC.: A vanity publisher.

PEEL PRODUCTIONS, INC.: A children's book publisher.

Pegasus: Not recommended. A UK publisher.

Pegasus Books: A publisher. (In the US, not the same as the UK "Pegasus" noted above or below; this one has the ".com" and ".us" URLs.)

Pegasus Books: Appears to be a vanity self-publisher in the US. P&E is receiving complaints about this publisher. (This is the ".net" URL; that's the problem with a generic name like "Pegasus".)

PELICAN PUBLISHING COMPANY, INC.: A children's book publisher.

Pen-L: A publisher. A report here suggests a possibly grabby contract.

Penknife Press: Poor contract. Not recommended. A publisher. "Our goal is to publish works that the mainstream publishing industry won't publish because the works are not intended for the mass market."

Penguin: Recommended. A book publisher. Owns Author Solutions and describes it as a self-publishing business venture which makes it a vanity publisher.

Penguin Books Canada Ltd.: "publishes award-winning Canadian fiction and non-fiction for adults and children and distributes bestsellers from around the world."

Penguin Press India: A vanity publisher in India. Contact at:

Penguin Books India Pvt. Ltd.
11, Community Centre, Panchsheel Park
New Delhi 110017

Penmarin Books, Inc: A small publisher. Appears to also cater to corporate accounts.

Penton Overseas: A distributor that handles CDs, audio, videos, and some books to toy, gift, video, and software stores.

Penumbra Publishing: A publisher "seeking full length manuscript series in romance, vampire, humor, and science fiction genres." Jan 2014 update: An author reports, "I have 4 books published by Penumbra Publishing, but can no longer seem to be able to contact them. I haven't received a royalty statement since 7/18/13, nor have I received a 1099 from them. I've sent them half a dozen emails in the last three months, but none have been answered. I don't even know if they're still in business. If they are, I can't understand why they refuse to acknowledge my emails. Their site is still up, but I did notice that they're no longer on Facebook." (Pre-2014 comment: P&E is hearing good things about this publisher.)

Per Aspera Press: "An independent publisher of high-quality speculative fiction novels in hardcover and trade paperback. We are open to science fiction, fantasy, and cross-genre works; our focus is on novels of any subgenre which are built around a big idea or develop a deep theme."

Permanent Press Publishing Company, The: A small independent press. Primarily publishes fiction with occasional non-fiction releases.

Permuted Press: A publisher that appears to concentrate on horror books.

Persea Books: A publisher.

Perseverance Press: A publisher working in association with Daniel & Daniel which appears to specialize in literary mysteries.

Perseus Distribution Services: Formerly known as CDS, a book distributor operating out of New York.

Petals of Life: An electronic publishing imprint of MDJ, Inc..We produce electronic books. All of our books must deliver a message. Life is not easy. Our readers want books which give them ideas on how to enhance their lives. They want books which will take them away for a short time and give them a breather from everyday trials and tribulations. They want material which can teach them something new or lead them into a more positive outlook on life. They want to be swept into adventurous or romantic tales which leave them feeling satisfied by the end of the book. We publish romance, mainstream, mystery/suspense, humor, self-help, true stories, inspirational, and anything else we deem appropriate to be produced by our company. 8/26/10: Link broken.

Peterson Publishing Group: Not recommended. A subsidy publisher.

PFEIFER-HAMILTON PUBLISHERS: folded: A children's book publisher. Contact at:
210 West Michigan
Duluth, MN 55801-1908

Phantasia Press: A book publisher specializing in limited edition science fiction.

Phase 5 Publishing, LLC: A publisher "focusing on electronic publication of original science fiction, fantasy and horror. Most publications are serial, but collections, anthologies and novels are also published. Electronic publication and its possibilities are the focus, but print versions of most publications are available. Fiction of all lengths, art, music and video will all be reviewed and considered for publication."

Phaze: "publishes romantic erotica in all genres."

PHILOMEL BOOKS: A children's book publisher. Now owned by Penguin.

Phoenix Books and Audio Inc.: A publisher. Anyone know more about them? Contact at:
9465 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 315
Beverly Hills, California 90212

Phoenix Fire Publishing: Not recommended. A publisher.

Picasso Publications Inc. - Novels, Books & Literature: Requires writers to hire a publicity firm. Not recommended. A Canadian book publisher.

Pike Inc. Publishing: A publisher.

Pill Hill Press: A publisher specializing in horror, suspense, dark fantasy and science fiction.

Pinestein Press: A publisher. P&E is not impressed by their contract.

Pink Flamingo Publications : Publisher of erotic fiction. Not for minors

Pink Iris: Not recommended. An imprint of R.J. Buckley Publishing.

Pink Pepper Press: An imprint of Sirens Call Publications.

Pink Petal Books: A imprint of Jupiter Gardens Press publishing all types of romance.

Pioneer Publishing Company: A genealogy & history publishing company for the southeastern U.S.

PK Books Inc.: A small publisher in business for about two years.

Plan Nine Publishing: Print publisher that appears to specialize in humor. On hiatus until 9/1/08.

Players Press: A publisher. Contact at:
P.O. Box 1132
Studio City, CA 91614-0132

PLEASANT COMPANY: A children's book publisher. Contact at:
8400 Fairway Place
P.O. Box 991
Middleton, WI 53562

Plenary Publishing: A publisher focusing on multicultural authors.

Plexus Art & Communications: An electronic book publisher.

PM Moon Publishers: Not recommended. A publisher.

PoetWorks Press: Not recommended. A publisher.

Poisoned Pen Press: A publisher. "Our focus is on the well written novel of crime or detection more than the thriller."

Polygon Publishing: A publisher with what appears to be a vanity imprint.

Ponder Publishing Inc.: Small press romance novel publisher. Currently running our 2nd Annual Write Your Heart Out contest. Editor's note: nice looking site. Link reported broken.

Port Hole Publications: Not recommended. A vanity publisher.

Port Town Publishing: Strongly not recommended. "Quality Fiction Novels for Quality Fiction Readers."
3/21/07: Important, if you are owed money by this publisher, contact Detective Mike Jaszczak (Superior Police, Wis.) at (715)-395-7462. Cite case number 06-021947.
7/7/08: Reported out of business by former owner.

Portunus Publishing Company: A children's book publisher. 6/25/06: Link reported bad.

Potomac Books (formerly Brassey's): Books in the fields of defense, technology, military history and biography, security, current affairs, and reference works.

Pottersfield Press: A small press, Canadian book publisher.

Power Publishing: A vanity publisher featuring "inspiring/motivating stories and instructional/reference manuscripts across a variety of genres including nonfiction, fiction, children's books, and textbooks."

Powerful Publisher LLC: Charges fee. Not recommended. A book publisher.

Premium Press America: Not recommended. A small publisher. "We target the gift/souvenir market and private label books for folks like Hallmark, CVS and others."

Prentice Hall: Recommended. "we are currently publishing books on self-help/self-improvement, health and alternative health, and communication, as well as professional, technical, reference, and college texts."

Prep Publishing: Charges fee. Not recommended. A publisher.

Prescott Press: Not recommended. A publisher. Subsidy press.

Press 53: A small publisher. Very selective.

Press-Tige Press: Strongly not recommended. Subsidy press. See also: Press-TIGE bankruptcy proceedings. "A federal search warrant on Press-TIGE and Martha Ivery was executed on 26 September 2002. Inquiries and information should be directed to Criminal Analyst Paul Silver, FBI, 200 McCarty Ave, Albany, NY 12209." He can be reached during normal business hours at (518) 465-7551. This includes "Kelly O'Donnell," New Millennium Publishing, "Writers Information USAgency," or any other individual or organization you have reason to believe may have been a front for Ms. Ivery. Detailed information concerning this is posted in the Speculations Rumor Mill in the Urgent topic.
6/5/05: Ivery pleads guilty to all counts.

Pride & Imprints Online: A print and electronic book and game publisher. Link reported invalid.

Prime Books: A publisher.

Principals Publishing Company, The: Charges fee. Not recommended. an electronic book publisher.

Private Ice Publications: "Specializing in skating fiction for women, girls and children. Ebooks, print books and free serialized novels. Other imprints Generalized sports fiction: SportsFics. Gymnastics: Tumbling Pass Press. Accepting submissions. Royalty-paying, non-subsidy publisher."

PRO LINGUA PRESS: A children's book publisher. Contact at:
P.O. Box 24368
Los Angeles, CA 90024

Professional Press: A vanity press. Contact at:

Professional Press
P.O. Box 4371
Chapel Hill, NC 27515-4371

Professor Textbook: A self-publishing college textbook company.

Profitable Publishing: A subsidy publisher. A Division of Thornton Publishing.

PROMART PUBLISHING: A book publisher. Closed due to death of owner.

Prometheus Books: A publisher for educational, scientific, professional, library, popular, and consumer markets since 1969.

Protea Publishing: Requires advance orders from authors. Not recommended. A publisher.

Providence Publishing Corporation: Appears to be a vanity publisher.

PubIt!: A self-publishing service presented by Barnes and Noble and designed to work with their Nook ebook reader.

Publerati, LLC: A publisher.

Publish On Demand Global: Strongly not recommended. Another Robert Fletcher business operating as a publisher. Robert Fletcher is being sued by the Florida State Attorney General.

Publish the world: Charges fee. Not recommended. An epublisher.

More at PublishAmerica-PublishIcelandica | Publishers-Pz

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