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Book Publisher and Distributor Listings - R


R.J. Buckley Publishing: Copyright abuse. Not recommended. A publisher. Imprints are Purple Iris, Pink Iris, and Black Iris.

R&R Endeavors, Inc.: A publisher that appears to specialize in fantasy, horror, and science fiction. Link broken.

Rabid Press: Not recommended. A publisher located in Austin, Tx.

Ragz Books: Not recommended. A publisher.

Raider Publishing: Strongly not recommended. A vanity publisher. P&E is not hearing good things about this publisher.

Rain Publishing: Closed. Not recommended. A publisher. 3/27/08: we have an unconfirmed report this publisher is closing in April. 4/17/08: We have another report from one of their authors so it appears to be confirmed.

Rainbow Fiction: "an ebook/pod publisher for literary works authored by and written for the GLBT community and their friends."

Rainstorm Press: A publisher of horror, dark romance, mystery & thrillers and some erotica.

Randolph Publishing: Not recommended. Purports to be a new publisher seeking short stories and novels. There are two magazines planned as well.

Random House: Not recommended. A book publisher.
  • 12/15/09: Random House wants to include ebooks in the rights it signs for in earlier contracts contrary to a previous court pronouncement.

    Contact at:

    1745 Broadway
    New York, NY, 10019

    Random House Canada: A publisher of literary fiction and non-fiction.

    Rank Books: A book publisher and distributor located in Singapore that offers a range of publishing services for authors.. Contact Mr. Goh Kheng Chuan at admin@rankbooks.com or by mail at:

    #07-1423 SINGAPORE 319074
    FAX: 65-2506191

    Ransom Note Press: A publisher interested in mystery and suspense novels.

    Readers Network: An epublisher? Link reported inactive.

    Reader's Retreat, The: Closed. An epublisher that offers other services including a free contest. "We offer our readers e-books and serial stories at a low cost."

    Reading Edge, The: A book publisher. Link reported broken.

    Reagent Press: A small publisher.

    Reality Press: A publisher. A division of Reality Entertainment.

    Reality Press LLC: Poor contract. Not recommended. A subsidy publisher.

    ReAnimus Press: A publisher. About 90% of titles are from scanning/digitizing previously published print books to republish them in ebook and/or print editions; some first releases from professional authors. Ebook production services also available for self-publishers.

    Reality Software: E-Books for DOS and Windows in ancient, medieval, and religious history.

    Rebel e Publishers: An electronic publisher. We publish most genre's of fiction.

    Red Adept Publishing: A publisher.

    Red Dashboard: A publisher. Pays in copies, some royalty payments also reported.

    Red Dress Ink: Recommended. A publisher specializing in women's fiction. Query first. Believed now a part of Harlequin.

    Red Engine Press: Closed. "We are a small traditional press actively seeking writers. We will consider all fiction and non fiction including poetry, novellas and short stories..."

    Red Hen Press: A publisher specializing in poetry, literary fiction, and non-fiction.

    Red Lead Press: A vanity publisher. An imprint of Dorrance Publishing Company.

    Red Lily Press: "a new e-publisher. We publish a large variety of genres written for and by women."

    Red Lotus Press: "an innovative company specializing in new authors, POD refugees and limited market material. We also accept mainstream and commercial manuscripts. We will consider most genres, fiction or non-fiction; excluding poetry, children's picture books, short stories, and pornography. Short story collections will be considered, providing they adhere to the exceptions listed." Link broken.

    Red Post Press: A publisher. Appears to specialize in poetry.

    Red Rose Publishing: Strongly not recommended. An ebook publisher featuring mainstream and erotica romances.

    Red Wheel / Weiser: A publisher.

    Reed Books: A UK book publisher. Link reported broken.

    Reed Reference Publishing: Professional directories and reference material.

    Reflection Publishing: A family-owned religious publisher. 12/6/09: Link broken.

    Regal Crest Enterprises, LLC: A publisher that specializes in gay and Lesbian themes.

    Regency Press (and Kelly Ferjutz): Not recommended. A publisher.

    Regnery Publishing, Inc.: A publisher that specializes in conservative works. Agent required.

    Relic Publishing: A publisher specializing in middle grade and YA.

    Renaissance E Books: "novels, short story collections and poetry collections with splashes of erotica. We publish in all the popular e-book formats and offer author royalties of 40% with a couple of exceptions. Our guidelines and a sample contract are online at our site." 8/30/07: writers have reported difficulty in communicating with their publisher.

    Renaissance Romance Publishing: Recommended. A publisher.

    Resplendence Publishing: A new publisher whose first books are scheduled for release in October 2007.

    RFI West (formerly Romance Foretold, Inc.): Strongly not recommended. An electronic book publisher. Its imprints are Starlight Writer, Darkstar and Pulsar.

    Rhemalda Publishers: Not recommended. A publisher.

    Ridan Publishing: Not recommended. A publisher.

    Ring of Fire Publishing, LLC: Poor contract. Not recommended. A publisher. Editors note: A later contract as of 24 Sep 2-12 is somewhat better but still makes rights grabs.

    Rio Norte Press: A vanity imprint of River's Bend Press.

    Riptide Press, Inc.: Defunct: A book publisher.

    Riptide Publishing: A print and epublisher featuring "gay fiction (romance and all other genres, including literary fiction), and will also consider trans* fiction."

    Rising Star Press: A publisher that features non-fiction books that inform and inspire.

    River City Publishing: Not recommended. A "small, regional, independent publisher located in Montgomery, Alabama."

    River's Bend Press: Not recommended. A publisher.

    River's Edge Media: A publisher. 4/14 Caution: Appears to have only published one title, available only as a costly edition direct from the publisher.

    Rivercity Press: Not recommended. A publisher also known as American Reprint Company, Ĉonian Press,and Amereon Press.

    Rivershore Books: A vanity publisher.

    RJ's eBOOKs: closed: An epublisher. "RJ's eBOOKs offers a 50% royalty rate, pays quarterly and has a large selection of Resources for the use of its own and other writers. A final, noteworthy feature, is the yearly creation of a free CD-ROM for regular customers (10 or more direct purchases, not from affiliates) to protect against losses due to machine failure."

    RKD Press, Inc.: Charges fee. Not recommended. A self-publishing book publisher.

    Robert D. Reed Publishers: Not recommended. Appears to be a vanity publisher. Part of the Petersen Publishing Group.

    ROC: A book publisher. Imprint of NAL. Address and URL not available at this time.

    RockWay Press: Not recommended. A publisher. Site features good information about publishing business that writers should know. Despite their good information, P&E is hearing of complaints regarding this publisher in its dealings with authors.

    Rogue Publishing: A publisher "publishing romance novels Texas style". Contact at:
    P.O. Box 722219
    Houston, Texas 77272-2219

    Rogue Publishing: An epublisher. 5/16/08: a writer reports, "It does not have a submissions link. Any attempt to contact them says that yahoo cannot accept the language (English) in which the letter was written."

    Romance At Heart Publications: An ebook publisher specializing in romance.

    Romance Novels ePublishing: "dedicated solely to the Romance genre and its sub-categories." Link reported broken.

    RoseDog Books: A vanity and subsidy imprint of Dorrance Publishing.

    RoseHeart Publishing: A vanity publisher.

    Routledge: A publisher concentrating on social sciences and producing textbooks and journals.

    Roval Publishing Ltd: Not recommended. A vanity publisher.

    Rowman & Littlefield: A publisher. Focus on humanities, social sciences, academic.

    Royal Fireworks Press: Fiction and non-fiction book publisher. Contact at:
    Royal Fireworks Press
    1 First Ave.
    Unionville, NY 10988

    RSPublishing: An ebook publisher. "Focussing on `imaginative' fiction rather than genre dominated themes. about Fantastic fiction, cross genre friendly incl: sf/fantasy/horror/drama/crime/imagination/humour and poetry." For those who can't reach the site, try badscifi@yahoo.com.

    Rugged Land LLC: A publisher.

  • 11/24/03: a writer reports this publisher threw away his manuscript and did not even offer back the postage sent with it for its return.
  • 7/28/11: a writer reports mail returned marked "Not Deliverable."

    RSVP Press: epublisher.

    Runestone Hill: A small book publisher. Link not valid.

    RVS BOOKS, INC.: A children's book publisher. Appears to be a one author publisher. Contact at:
    P.O. Box 683
    Lebanon, TN 37087

    Rymfire eBooks: A horror book publisher that will soon open.

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