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Note: click here for tips applicable to all categories on how to avoid scams

Editing, Copywriting, Ghostwriting, Indexing, & Software - A


An editing service company generally offers anything from copyediting a writer's written work to rewriting and ghost-writing. Most editing services do not claim, rightly so, that their efforts will result in a publishing contract. Reputable companies will tell you that up front and sell you only what you bargain for. Well-known and respected editor, Gordon Van Gelder, once stated at a convention panel concerning scams that using an editing service results in "slightly less unpublishable manuscripts."

Unfortunately, scam artists are often involved in this activity. Be careful in your dealings. Consult a writer's organization when in doubt.

Individuals considering a job with an editing service should be aware that some editing businesses test applicants using standard tests, but some use actual work submitted to them for which the applicant may not be paid. Likewise, some require applicants to purchase their own reference resources. These are issues that should be clarified before signing on.

For lack of a better place to place them, story and screenwriting software are included in this category as those are meant to assist writers in a way not too dissimilar from editing services.

P&E's Rating Criteria

Ratings criteria for all sections of P&E are listed on the P&E's Rating Criteria page.

A-1 Complete Writing and Editing: "offers the following services to individual writers and corporations:

A-1 Editing Service: An editing service. Under new ownership.

A+ English:
Editor of fiction and nonfiction, mainstream and genre. Serving writers, agents, 
and publishers since 1976.  References are posted on website. Free sample edit 
provided for manuscripts under consideration.
From basic copyediting to tightening/trimming the fat. All manuscripts are 
checked for punctuation, spelling, sentence structure, subject and verb 
agreement, proper word use, clarity, point of view, redundancies, 
inconsistencies, believability, dialogue, flow, and format.  Provides an ongoing 
critique throughout the editing process.
Additional services include: 
** composition of book proposals, query letters, and synopses
** writing assistance / content development
** assistance with literary agent selection
** publishing / self-publishing guidance
** public relations / book marketing
** indexing
** typesetting
Lynda Lotman is also the hub of an international network of professional editors 
and published writers. 
Member, Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America.

A. B. Roper's Writing and Editing: An editing service.

A. Victoria Mixon, Editor: "Copy, line, and developmental editing offered to fiction and nonfiction authors by a long-time professional writer and editor. I run periodic free edit specials, blog on the business of writing and publishing, and maintain the online magazine, The Art & Craft of Fiction. My book, THE ART & CRAFT OF FICTION: A PRACTITIONER'S MANUAL, is now available."

ABC Iowa Writing and Editing Services: "Offering award-winning writing, editing, and ghostwriting services. Whatever your words might need to make them shine, you've got a friend in the Heartland."

Information from another editor indicates that Gary Anderson, who operated this site, was recently placed in a nursing home. Unverified.

ABS Editing Service: an editing agency along with other services. Editor's note: Manuscripts edited by this company have actually been published.

Absolute Perfection Ghostwriting Services: ghostwriting, collaborating, editing, critiques, reports, and advertising copy.

ACADEMIC COPY EDITING: Essays, Dissertations, Journal Articles, Books: An editing service for academic papers and documents.

Academic Writing: thesis/dissertation writing, rewriting, editing.

Academic-Writing.net: Not recommended. An editing service.

Accentuate Services: "works with individual authors, editing everything from school papers to novel manuscripts, eBooks, fiction, non-fiction, and any genre except poetry. We provide book critiques, comprehensive edits (see site for details), proofreading, manuscript formatting and more. We have several editing credits for published books to our portfolio, through traditional and small publishing houses, as well as having worked with several POD and self-published authors. Every project receives a FREE quote via a Scope of Work contract, which details the exact cost for the editing services and the exact services that will be performed, BEFORE the author agrees to utilize Accentuate's editing services."

Accredited Writers: Not recommended. An editing service.

AccuWrite Professionals: editing and critique services and fiction correspondence courses.

ACI Writing Assistance Center: most types of writing, editing and research.

Acorn Author Services & Publishing: "Almost 40 years of combined writing and editing experience, plus you get two highly qualified editors for the price of one! At Acorn Author Services & Publishing, we work closely with our writers to help pinpoint themes, improve structure, and strengthen plot and character development, narrative tension, and voice. Writers ourselves, we understand how intrusive developmental editing can feel. With this in mind, we take great pride in providing a kind, yet honest review and thoughtful suggestions, often with an explanation for the changes, so your current manuscript improves, as does your skill in writing for future projects. Acorn Author Services & Publishing's goal is to make your work shine.
We are happy to perform a free sample edit on the first 500 words of your manuscript-just send it our way and we'll work our magic. Please check out our website (www.acornauthorservicesandpublishing.com) for more details or send us an email to acornauthors@gmail.com.
Happy Writing!"

ACT 3 Editing by Gerald W. Mills: "Before you worry about submission, make certain your manuscript is the best it can be. Check my web site for more, plus testimonials."

Adirondack Editing: "Almost 30 years of writing and editing experience in the business, non-profit, and volunteer fields is available to you at affordable prices! Please see my LinkedIn profile (http://www.linkedin.com/pub/susan-uttendorfsky/43/398/58b) for my qualifications and current project list. Sample edits are required. The following services are available:
Tier I (Proofreading/Line Edit): Grammar, sentence structure, spelling, dropped quotation marks, indenting, etc.
Tier II (Proofreading/Line Edit and Manuscript Evaluation): All Tier I services are provided, in addition to a report outlining the strengths and weaknesses of your writing skills and your manuscript.
Tier III (Proofreading/Line Edit, Manuscript Evaluation, and Developmental Edit/Author Mentoring): All Tier II services are provided. In addition, an in-depth discussion of any problems with your writing skills or your manuscript is detailed; in other words, how to make your book the best it can be. Tier III customers can take advantage of multiple submissions of revised material and a one-to-one teaching situation which may involve numerous emails, chapter-by-chapter editing if necessary, and a final overall proofread and edit.
Student discounts are available for term papers and theses.
All material submitted will be held in strict confidentiality and no copies of your material will be made.
Send an email to adirondackediting@aol.com for further information and current pricing.

Aleuromancy: Highly recommended. An editing service.

All About Words: Provides "professional editing and proofreading services for book manuscripts, social content, business documents and website content."

All Editorial Services Online for Publishers (AESOP): editorial services (inc. editing, proofreading, indexing, novelization) are for any kind of text designed for electronic or paper publishing.

All Info-About Freelance Writing: "A place for freelance professionals and keen hobbyists to stay up to date with current news, views and trends, seek practical assistance and browse market resources."

Alphabetix, Editing and Writing Services: An editing service.

Altair Editing: No longer offered. Editing service owned by a literary agency.

American Editing Services: "I officially started American Editing Services in July. Two of my clients have already received offers of representation from literary agents, and a third has recently self-published. I regularly attend writers conferences, and most recently gave out free edits at the Writing for Change conference in San Francisco. Additionally, I give out free one page edits on Agent Query Connect."

Angel Publications: Writing, editing and proofreading services. The site also contains editing humor and information on self-publishing.

Arbor Books Inc.: "Offers self-publishing information and services for writers, and ghostwriters."

Archer Editorial Services: Offers professional copyediting (traditional and online), proofreading, and developing. We enjoy working with authors, especially on nonfiction book projects.

Art Tech Publishing: "I provide professional press releases, SEO website copywriting, and specialize in custom project management including portfolio creation/layout, and every level of professional manuscript editing and proofreading."

Artichoke Editing & Print Design: "A resource for authors, self-publishers, and small presses, Artichoke Editing & Print Design delivers plenty of useful writing and publishing tips as well as comprehensive desktop publishing and copyediting services."

Ascend Editing & Critique Services : "I offer editing, critique, and beta reading, and work with clients to customize services to fit their needs and budgets."

Author Assist: "comprehensive services for writers, including editing, manuscript reviews, proposal development, query materials, agent search/strategy, memoir writing, and coaching."

Author One Stop: Appears to charge for giving a quote. An editing service.

AUTHORS TEAM, THE: Not recommended. Ghostwriting, editing and coaching, publishing and distribution, and publicity are featured. In our opinion, prices are outrageously high.

AuthorScope.com: An editing and publicity service.

AutoCrit: Software for analyzing writing.

Awordsmith: Not recommended. "Meticulous, experienced editor who respects the author's vision. Among the hundred or so books I've edited are Neale Donald Walsch's The Wedding Vows from Conversations with God (this author's Conversations with God occupied the New York Times Bestseller List for more than two and one-half years) and T. J. MacGregor's Your Cosmic Kids (she won the Edgar Award in 2002)."
"Have worked with many published authors but also have special understanding of the needs of first-time authors."
"Experienced in fiction and many forms of nonfiction. Will consider anything but poetry."
"Services offered include:

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