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Magazine Listings - M


Macworld: IDG computer publication.

Mad Hatters' Review: A "tri-annual online multimedia magazine featuring edgy, experimental, gutsy, thematically broad, psychologically and philosophically sophisticated writings, music, and art. It emerged in an early version of its present form in March, 2005. The magazine specializes in collaborative ventures, bringing writers together with artists and composers to create a full sensory reading experience. Poetry, fiction, and experimental whatnots are displayed adjacent to images of original artwork and accompanied by musical compositions or authors' recorded recitations."

Mad Magazine: Recommended. A humor magazine.

Madness Comics: Features an Art Gallery and Drawing Tips section.

Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, The: A science fiction and fantasy magazine.

Magazine of Speculative Poetry: A publication featuring speculative poetry.

Magnolia Magazine: Monthly literary magazine. Link broken.

Main Street Rag: A print magazine featuring poetry, short fiction, photography and graphic images, essays, interviews, reviews, cartoons and commentary.

Maine Antique Digest: A magazine devoted to antique collecting and dealing.

Malefica: Features horror and dark fantasy fiction. Link broken.

Mandrake Fiction Journal: Print magazine in Tampa, Florida featuring fiction, poetry, and art. Link may be broken.

Manifest Destiny: Dead

Mantala: A quarterly journal of Philippine literature.

Mare Crisium: dead: A science fiction publication.

Margin: Exploring Modern Magical Realism: A Magical Realism publication.

Marion Zimmer Bradley's Fantasy Magazine: closing with Issue 50: A fantasy magazine.

Marlboro Review: poetry, fiction, essays, translations, and reviews.

Marmara: Featuring writings and poetry in Turkish and English.

Martian Wave, The: DeadRecommended. Science fiction magazine.

Massage Magazine: Internationally circulated trade publication for massage therapists and allied health professionals.

Master's Loft: Dead. A Christian publication featuring short stories, poetry, essays, and articles.

Masthead: "Australian literary arts magazine edited by the distinguished poet Alison Croggon, which includes, among its contributors, the likes of Eliot Weinburger, John Kinsella, James Kelman and Pierre Joris."

Mayhem Magazine: Thriller and mystery fiction, artwork, comics, prose, and reviews.

Mediphors: a Literary Journal of the Health Professions: Nationally-distributed literary magazine publishing fiction, poetry, essay, art and photography in medicine and health.

Medusa's Hairdo: A horror magazine. Link broken.

Melic Review, The: Literary poetry and fiction review.

Memorandum: online and print literary publication. Link broken.

Merlin's Web: A magazine for magicians.

Meteor Magazine: A magazine of the arts.

Metre Poetry Magazine: Defunct. Poets from around the world come together in our bi-monthly publication.

Metropolitan Review: Biannual print and online journal. Link broken.

Midwest Literary Magazine: Not recommended. A magazine and book publisher. Submission counts as right to publish in their guidelines.

Millennium Science Fiction & Fantasy: defunct: Recommended. A science fiction magazine.

miller's pond poetry magazine: Poetry publication.

Mind Fire: An E-Journal of Eclectic Electricity!!! Poetry filled with raw edgy passion. Wild and imaginative; creative and profound. Mind Fire is a literary Journal for the 90's, published monthly. Link broken.

Mind Fire Poetry Journal: Features poetry and stories. Link broken.

Mind's Eye Fiction: Recommended. Publishes short stories online. Link broken.

MindBreach: publication featuring fantasy, horror, and mild science fiction. On hiatus. Could fold.

Minneago Belladonna Journal: The collected works of virgins: a journal containing features on unknown artists, undiscovered musicians, the magical musings of unpublished writers.

Minnesota Pagan Press: A newsletter.

Mississippi Review: Recommended. A literary magazine. Link broken.

Missouri Review, The: Recommended. A literary magazine. Link broken.

MIT's Technology Review: ideas and innovations from the world of technology.

Modeler's Resource, The: a magazine covering model making.

Money: Time Warner publication.

Monster Mush: features short-shorts (1200 words max.) based on themes.

Monsters & Critics: A site featuring news, book reviews, and movie trailers.

Moondance: An online magazine celebrating creative women. (contributed by Diane Leva)

Moonletters: a newsletter is available here.

Moonlicht Nicht: "e-zine of the Scottish Supernatural."

MoonRabbit Review: a literary journal of Asian Pacific American voices.

Morpo Review: Literary publication.

Mosiac: An art and literary magazine put out by the University of California at Riverside.

Motley Focus Locus: Site consisting of five magazines: AfterNoon, Black Raven, Open Tradition, Dromenon Holding Station, Motley Tractate. Link broken.

Mulciber: Journal of hyperfiction. Mulciber publishes non-linear prose and poetry and accepts submissions. Link broken.

Murder Hole, The: Murder fiction publication.

Murder on the Internet: A mystery and crime magazine.

Murderous Intent: Dead. A murder/mystery magazine.

Muscadine Lines: A Southern Journal: An online publication.

Muse: art, writing, rant, and reviews.

Mutant Strain Magazine: Dead. Horror, science fiction, fantasy, short stories, poetry and art.

Myrth: dead: A new print humor magazine.

Mysteries Magazine: "a factual, thought-provoking, in-depth look into the myths, the occult, and the paranormal—as well as the mysteries which have intrigued both historians and scientists from the beginning of time." Editor's note: Contact P&E if you've had dealings with this publisher.

Mysterious Women: a mystery and crime magazine

Mystery And Manners Quarterly: features short fiction.

Mystery Scene Magazine: "Award-winning* nonfiction magazine devoted to covering the world of crime, mystery and suspense fiction. Articles, profiles, author essays, commentary, and criticism. Critical coverage includes: novels, short stories, graphic novels, small press, reference/nonfiction (no true crime), children's & YA books. Does NOT publish fiction. Editorial guidelines at the website."
*Awards: Anthony Award (Best Mystery Magazine), Bouchercon World Mystery Convention (2004) Ellery Queen Award, (Distinguished Contribution to the Genre), Mystery Writers of America (2006) Poirot Award (Distinguished Contribution to the Genre), Malice Domestic (2009)

Mystery Zone: a mystery and crime magazine

Mythagoras: Dead.

Mythic Blue Corn: Dead.

Mythic Delirium: Speculative fiction publication. Poetry only.

Mythic Heroes: See the guidelines at their web site on this one in order to get a full understanding of what they want. Esubs only to fishbone@user1.channel1.com. Link broken.

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