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Music Listings


The American Music Information Source Guide: A comprehensive music resource.

ASCAP's ACE database: Lists many songs along with the publishers/administrators. A useful starting point for seeking permissions.

Australian Chamber Orchestra: Need more be said?


Bison Publishing: Publisher of CDs of songs and stories celebrating spirituality.

Bleeding Edge Music: Print publication featuring interviews, reviews, and articles on all types of music.

BMI: "an American performing rights organization that represents more than 300,000 songwriters, composers and music publishers in all genres of music." Site features search, licensing, and news.


Choral Public Domain Library (CPDL), The: Recommended. "the largest website devoted exclusively to free choral sheet music. Begun in December 1998, the site has over 250 contributors and 6,000 scores."

21 Sep 05 - Clearing Sky Music Licensing and Supervision Workshop: Currently featuring a workshop on licensing and music supervision in Rhode Island.

Clo Iar Chonnachta: Irish music and book publishing house. Link not valid.

Community Musician: "a cd duplication company with manufacturing facilities throughout North America."


David Beard Music Production: "A TV and film music production company supplying music and sound design to commercial multimedia."




Gordon Polatnick's List of Jazz Clubs in New York: Looks like a good list for anyone who's an aficionado.

Gopher Publishers: Vanity press. "publishes books, as well as business documentation and CD's on demand. We also publish sheet music, art recipes, scientific articles, management literature as well as course material, research findings directories and company reports. For more info you can have a look at our homepage."

Guitar.com: A comprehensive site for guitarists featuring educational tips, interviews, advice, and interactive lessons.


Harry Fox Agency, Inc., The: "Established in 1927 by the National Music Publishers Association, The Harry Fox Agency, Inc. represents over 27,000 U.S. music publishers for their mechanical licensing needs, issuing licenses and collecting and distributing royalties. HFA also provides collection and monitoring services to its U.S. publisher clients for music distributed and sold in over 90 territories around the world."



JUGGERNAUT magazine: appears to be a music magazine from Implosion Press.


Kathode Ray Music: Charges membership fee. Purports to be an Indie Promoter.

Kynd Music: "Kynd Music is an online music 'zine based out of Washington D.C. We cover both national and local, signed and un-signed bands that fall into the very wide genre of "jamband" and the related categories of World Music, Folk and Americana." Link broken.



Muon Music: Music publishing imprint of C&M Online Media Inc.

Music Composing Tips: Recommended. "Free composing, arranging and songwriting tips from experienced media composer Neil Haydock, M.A.(Mus)."

Music from TV Commercials: Recommended. As it states.

Music in the Public Domain: a resource site.

Music, Movies, and Mayhem: Gopher Productions webzine featuring entertainment. There is also information on Gopher's Independent Record Label, film and TV development projects and sound clips on the website.

Musicians' Intellectual Law & Resources Links: as it states.

MusicJournalist.com: "has lots of lists of music magazines tries to keep up with the news music writers would like to know about. has a discussion list, which is sporadic."

MUSICWORKS Magazine: deals with contemporary music in many styles. We try to present contemporary music and the sound arts in such a manner as to facilitate understanding between the musical practitioner (composer, musician) and the interested listener. We attempt to provide coverage for artists of all ages, and of both sexes, and to present work from all geographical and cultural sectors of Canada. We also provide a more limited view of work from Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia and the Americas.

We have produced the Musicworks recording with each issue since Number 23 in 1983. This is an ongoing recording project unparalleled in Canadian musical history. Many of our selections are the only available recordings of works by the artiststs who composed them. Whenever possible we include recordings that have never been released elsewhere. We were the first magazine in the world to regularly issue a recording in conjunction with a magazine. We are still the only one dealing with contemporary music that produces recordings in conjunction with a regular publication schedule. Our recordings form an essential element of the magazine. As one of our in-house advertisements reads: Is it an CD with a magazine, or a magazine with a CD? Contributed by John Mark Sherlock




Prime Palaver #11: Janis Ian speaks out. Well worth reading. P&E endorses her view.

Public Domain Music: Recommended. "A reference site to help identify public domain songs and public domain music . . . royalty free music you can use anywhere and any way you choose . . . performance, sing-along, film, video, advertising, business, or personal."



Rhythm Man: A place where songwriters, poets, and short-story writers can exhibit their works for free, sort-of a free online publishing house.

ROCKLOVE.COM: Features live show reviews, CD recommendations, music events, press conferences, music and related technology articles, book reviews, music reviews, interviews, video reviews, and editorials.


SESAC, Inc.: "is a performing rights organization, with headquarters in Nashville and offices in New York, Los Angeles and London." Site features job listings, search, licensing, and news.

SongShark: Recommended. A must visit site for musicians and lyricists that warns of various music scams. Link broken.

Songstuff: A forum for musicians and composers.

Soulful Radio Network: "Independent Internet Radio Network Broadcasting Live 24/7."

SoulVersive Productions : Music, Songwriting & Production. Our catalog encompasses broad styles such as R&B, Urban, Hip-Hop/Rap, Pop and Rock right through to the Alternative available for auditioning for Licensing to TV/Film and artists.


Taxi: Claims to be the world's largest A&R company.

Tribe Magazine: MS-DOS based fantasy / RPG /Music /Antifa /Computerfun magazine.



Valeriy Antonyuk, composer: A freelance Russian composer's site. Very simple site. Contains sample clips. Contact him for rates.





Zippo News Service: Features editorials, software, art, fiction, and more.

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