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Writing Workshops

P&E recommends that writers research any workshop location to verify its background before conducting any business.


Abroad Writers' Conference: Features international workshops and conferences.

All Write Now!: A practical discussion on various writing topics. Conducted in a Prodigy chat room. Link reported broken.

Alpha, the SF/F/H Workshop for Young Writers: "A ten-day, residency workshop for teens featuring pro genre writers and editors. Alpha takes place in July in Western Pennsylvania, USA."

Author's Retreat: "a discussion forum for Fantasy writers. It features sub-genre discussions and private critique forums for groups."

AuthorMBA: Features writing workshops and more.


Basement Writing Workshop: "Online creative writing classes in fiction, memoir, poetry, comedy, genre, journalism and more. Their online classrooms allow you to take writing classes from anywhere and at any time."

Black on White: Helps writers come up with ideas and set a writing schedule. Link reported broken.

Blackwood SF & F Writers Group: Writers work group. Link reported broken.

13 Mar 07 - Blood, Guts and Gore; Getting the Medical Details of Your Fiction Right: "Babies aren't usually born in taxi cabs and not everyone dies with great theatrics. Somewhere between the extremes lies the medical truth that will add depth, richness and reality to your fiction."
"Each class lesson will include the job description of a medical worker and a few medical terms that you can sprinkle through your prose without sounding like a character from ER. You'll also learn the most frequent medical mistakes made by writers. Ever watch a soap opera where the patient was hooked to a respirator/ventilator but was able to talk? Big mistake! Find out why and don't let this error be found in your fiction."

Blue Phantom Writers Workshop: "has several critique groups, each with a moderator, including General Children's Writing, Middle Grade and YA, Nonfiction, Picture Books, and Illustrators. Groups get created as more members join. The group has a very friendly, supportive atmosphere, and both published and unpublished writers are members." Link reported broken.

Book Promotion 101 : Workshops teaching how to promote your work. See the site for details.

Books & Writers Community: "Marsha Skrypuch runs a workshop for books for kids, from picture books through young adult." A private structured workshop, to reduce copyright worries, but anyone can be admitted for the asking. There's no charge.

Books Forum Writing Workshop: "Margaret J. Campbell runs a workshop that is open to all forms but runs heavily to novels." A private structured workshop, to reduce copyright worries, but anyone can be admitted for the asking. There's no charge.

30 Dec 08 - Boot Camp for Artists: As it states.

Borderlands Press Writers Boot Camp: Workshops for writers.

Boson Books Author Chat: An opportunity to chat (Mondays and Fridays) with authors whose books were published by Boson Books. Link reported broken.

Bread Loaf Writers' Conference: A workshop.

Bucks County Writers Workshop: Features a workshop and other writing treasures.

Business of Writing, The: Hosted by Patricia St. John, author of The Secret Language of Dolphins. See the link for more information. Link reported broken.


Cafe Doom Critique Group: A writers' workshop.

16 Dec 10 - Cascade Writers workshop: A "3-day Milford-style workshop held in the Pacific Northwest. Instructors are editors and award-winning authors."

CATSKILL COLONY FOR WRITERS, THE: "Our bootcamp program has proven invaluable to aspiring and professional writers alike. As a veteran author with more than 30 years in the business, I feel I can share a great deal that can help writers over the top....and less than 90 miles NYC." Visit the web site for details. A writer reports this link is no longer active. Link reported broken.

City Honors Online Writing Program: Weird...but worth a look. (contributed by Karen Hertzberg) Link reported broken.

Clarion: Held for six weeks every summer at Michigan State University.

Clarion Ex Machina: Recommended. "Articles and other online resources about the Clarion, Clarion West and Odyssey SF Writing Workshops."

Clarion South: "...an intensive six-week workshop for writers preparing for professional careers in science fiction and fantasy, held in south-east Queensland, Australia."

Clarion West: "...an intensive six-week workshop for writers preparing for professional careers in science fiction and fantasy, held annually at Seattle Central Community College in Seattle, Washington, USA."

Clive's Virtual Writing Workshop: Crime short story writing course. Link reported broken.

Courses for Writers who Want to Publish: As it states.

Cowboy Logic: An online workshop.

4 Mar 10 - Creative Freelancer Conference: Held in Denver in June. Details at the website.

17 Dec 06 - Creativity Workshop - 2007 Women Writers Fellowships in Italy: "Two Creativity Workshop Fellowships for Women Writers will be given to fiction writers, poets, or playwrights for attendance at the Creativity Workshop in Florence, Italy, July 13 - 22, 2007.
"The two fellowships will be given on the basis of a 500-word proposal to develop a new piece of writing in the applicant's field. The proposal should include a statement of how being in Florence and attending a workshop that includes creative writing, drawing, storytelling and memoir would help develop the project. The chosen writers will spend 10 days in the city of Florence, Italy and attend the Creativity Workshop.

"1st Prize: Free tuition and 9 nights accommodations in Florence, Italy to attend the Creativity Workshop July 13 - 22, 2007. (Airfare is not included).
"2nd Prize: Free tuition to attend a Creativity Workshop July 13 - 22, 2007 in Florence, Italy. (Airfare and accommodations are not included)."

There is no application fee. Full guidelines are at their site.

Critical Voyages: Appears to be a fantasy writers workshop. Link reported broken.

Critique Circle: Recommended. A site for writers to meet and work.

Critters Workshop / Critique.org: Recommended. A very large and well organized writers' workshop handling multiple genres. Free. First workshop on the web. Extensive resources on critiquing. (Disclosure: P&E's editor also runs Critters. The "Recommended" listing was added by P&E's founder many years before his death.)
6/23/11: Critters has put together instructions for loading ebooks from other sites/sources.


Daily Writes: Features an e-mail workshop on autoresponder programmed to deliver a writer one Daily Write activity every day for 31 days. Interesting sytem of joining. Read carefully.

Dark Fiction/Horror Writers Workshop: now in its fourth year, the workshop is associated with the DarkEcho Newsletter and DarkEcho OMNI Horror. Peer review all done via email.

DAWN (Developing Amateur Writers Network): web page for three workshops in the UK.

de Griot Space: "An online workshop for writers of Afrikan descent. We seek with our poems, stories, and essays- with whatever We have, to echo Zora Neale Hurston, Langston Hughes, Toni Cade Bambara, James Baldwin, W.E.B. Dubois, Countee Cullen, Audre Lorde, Richard Wright, Lorraine Hansberry and countless others who dared to be word artists." Link reported broken.

Delphi's SF Literature Forum: appears to have a workshop for sf writers. Link reported broken.

Desdmona's Fishtank: "writers work group for authors of erotica. Not for minors."

Developing Amateur Writers Network: A United Kingdom web site that conducts workshops. Link reported broken.

22 Sep 09 - DFW Writers' Workshop: "meets every Wednesday at 7 p.m., no matter the weather or holidays. For over thirty years, members have met to read and critique nonfiction, screenplays, poetry, and all genres of fiction. Visitors are always welcome."

Dreaming In Ink Writers Workshop: A writing workshop for most types of writing. Journalers are excluded. Members are expected to participate regularly. P&E likes their rules.


Epiphany Enterprises: Workshop: writers work group.

Eratosphere: "Poetry and Prose Workshops. Anyone can read, but you need to register before being able to post."

Erma Bombeck Writers' Workshop: "New speakers for the March 9, 2002 workshop include Emmy award-winning TV talk show host Phil Donahue, who lived on the same street as the Bombeck family early in his career. Nationally syndicated humor columnist W. Bruce Cameron will tell how his first book, "8 Simple Rules for Dating my Teenage Daughter And Other Tips from a Beleaguered Father (Not That Any of Them Work)" made it to #14 on the New York Times Best-Seller List. Humor columnist and TV personality Loretta LaRoche will also debut at the 2002 workshop. In all, more than 15 speakers will present 24 sessions on humor writing, human interest writing and getting published." Link reported broken.

Erotica Readers and Writers Association: Believed to feature an online writers workshop. Not for minors.

Eroticrit: "a new critique center for writers of Erotica. Dedicated to improving erotic literature, one story at a time. It is excellent for those who write novel length work. It is a free site, and currently in drastic need of members who are 18 and over, are willing to give critiques as well as get them, and want to publish."

Evolution : "a writers' group dedicated to free and open creative expression in all genres. This free site provides message boards, critique groups, and on-line courses."


fanStory.com: "has been online since the year 2000. It is a workshop site that includes peer reviews as well as reviews by a writing committee. The site supports writers of all skill levels. Offers writing contests with cash prizes." Note: Membership fee required after free trial.

Fantastic Byways: "a small group of writers who formed a crit group in order to further polish the professionalism of our work... About half of us are working on full length novels, most as of them series, while the other half excel in short stories, flash fiction and RPGs. We have a social/discussion gathering in chat every Sunday night, to answer any writing questions as well as "live" crit sessions. We also have several discussions booards, where ideas, snippets and questions are being posted and answered..." Link reported broken.

Fantasy and Science Fiction Workshop: Recommended. An online fee-based workshop hosted by F&SF Magazine and taught by Gardner Dozois.

Fantastic Fiction Forum, The: The Central New York Writer's Group for Authors of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror. Link reported broken.

Flash Fiction Online Writing Workshop, The: "an online workshop for serious writers of short-short literature (work 1,000 words or less), including flash fiction, flash memoirs, flash plays, short-short creative nonfiction, prose poetry, and haibun. Participation is required and all members are 18 or over and use their real names in the workshop. The workshop has been going strong for over four years and members are beginners to experienced writers of short-short work."

Florida Art Colleges: "The FindYourArtSchool.com directory features quick and easy searching and browsing to help art students find Florida art colleges."

Forward Motion Writing Community: Recommended. "offers free boards, critique groups, and classes."

Florida Writers Association: "... produces local one-day writers conferences for members and other writers across Florida. The quality workshops, the convenience and economy, and the networking and publication opportunities have proved attractive for years. Contact Dan.Griffith@FloridaWriters.net for information on workshops in your area."

From The Heart Romance Writers (FTHRW) Online Workshops: "monthly workshops which cover all aspects of writing for writers of all genres and published authors. Membership is not required to enroll."


Gotham Writers' Workshop: "New York City's largest creative writing school. We offer comprehensive writing classes in NYC and online at WritingClasses.com. Our dedicated faculty members teach the fundamentals of creative writing to over 4,000 students a year."
"Classes include Science Fiction Writing Online. Also: Fiction, Nonfiction, Memoir, Business, Screenwriting, Poetry, Children's Books, & more. 10-Week, One-Day classes in NYC and Online, for adults/teens."

Grimoire: Dead. Forum for writers to post their work, either poetry or prose, and make it available for others to enjoy and offer their feedback.


Hatrack River Writers Workshop: Recommended. Contains a workshop, writing class, and other features.

Helium Peer Review: Features "a peer review service for screenwriters, playwrights and fiction writers. It provides an excellent method to hammer a draft into final form. Unlike ... other peer review websites, it is not affiliated with another company and subject to the competition that brings on slamming (organized dumping on a script to lower its status on a Top Ten List) or cramming (organized promoting of a script to raise its status). Organized in November of 2002, it has already developed scripts that are ready for production meetings." Link reported broken.


INKSPOT WRITERS' COMMUNITY CENTER: apparently Inkspot holds workshops on occasion at this address.

Inside Sessions: "Online Interactive Music and Writing Distance Learning Class." Link reported broken.

21 Mar 07 - First Annual Inspired! Writer's Workshop and Book Fair: Not recommended. "Come hear from published authors and promotion specialists how you can become a published author!" The presenters are not qualified in the field of publishing for what they propose to teach. Link reported broken.

Institute of Children's Literature: Offers writing courses to writers in children's and teen literature.

International Women's Writing Guild, The: This writers' organization features workshops in California, New Mexico, North Carolina, Florida, Massachusetts, two in New York City, New York State, and at their annual "Remember the Magic" conference at Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs they offer 65 workshops every day for a week.

Internet Writing Workshop, The: A no-charge workshop using email for writers to submit their works and critique works of others. Participation is monitored and is required for maintainence of membership. Our lists topics cover: Fiction, Lovestory (Romance), Nonfiction, Novels, Poetry, Prose (Short Fiction), Scripts, Teenwrite (For members 12 to 18), YAWrite (Writings intended for children and young adults), and Writing (Discussions on the topic of writing) Contributed by Greg Gunther.


9 Dec 03 - Jazz-On-The-Beach Women Writers Retreat on Dauphin Island, AL: "Write and relax at a weekend retreat on the Gulf. For new or accomplished writers--attend journaling/poetry workshops with experienced facilitators Alice Abel Kemp and Beverly Rainbolt, or find a corner and write. Limited spaces. 1/8-1/11, four days or 1/23-1/25, three days, all meals included, $200-450." Link reported broken.

Joyce Maynard's Lake Atitlan, Guatemala Writing Workshop: "Led by Joyce Maynard, novelist, syndicated columnist, contributor to NPR's ATC and numerous magazines, and writing lecturer. For the November, 2002 workshop, Joyce will be joined by Rosemary Daniell, whose works include Fatal Flowers (memoir) and 3 books of poetry and prose. Rosemary is the author of The Woman Who Spilled Words All Over Herself, and leader of the Zona Rosa™ creative writing workshops. Topics: developing character, building the arc, dialogue, editing, creative process, writers' block, voice, the marketplace, publishing, etc."


Kiss of Death: A site for romantic suspense writers to meet and work.


Ladder Writers: A site featuring contests and critiques.

Last Words: A Short Story Workshop: submit stories that you have written, comment on other stories, or read comments others have written. Link reported broken.

6 Apr 07 - Launch Pad : A "free, NASA-funded workshop for established writers held in beautiful high-altitude Laramie, Wyoming. Launch Pad aims to provide a "crash course" for twelve attendees in modern astronomy science through workshops, guest lectures, and observation through the University of Wyoming's two large telescopes."

Liberty Hall: Features writing workshops.

Lighthouse Writers Workshop: "An independent creative writing school that's been running in Denver for over three years now. Of particular note is their on-line (and print) newsletters that focus on the craft of writing."

Litopia ® (formerly Alta Vista Corporation Ltd): A writers' forum sponsored by Redhammer literary agency.

Local Writer's Workshop, The: Features workshop members' works-in-progress on our site, and we meet for online chat sessions and post on our message board to critique each others' work. Anyone willing to be an active participant can become a member. (contributed by Rachel Barenblat) Link reported broken.

Long Ridge Writers Group: "A program that has, for 30 years, taught thousands of aspiring authors how to find their own writing niche--and how to break into print." 5/2/11: A writer reports that the workshop failed to provide lessons as she selected and is offering only a partial refund.

Long Story Short: "is now offering writing courses - we have 25 classes ready for enrollment."

Lovestory-l: A workshop for writers of romance stories regardless of length. Link reported broken.


Marcia Yudkin Teleclasses: Seminars by telephone for writers.

29 Feb 04 - Maryland Romance Writers : "Please check our website for more details..." "for our spring workshop with guest speaker Stephanie Bond."

8 Jun 06 - Mega Book Marketing University: "3-day conference (July 14-16, 2006) for writers and authors hosted by Mark Victor Hansen the co-creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series. If you ever wanted to write a book...if you have a great idea for a book...or if you're already published and simply want to sell more books faster, and with less human effort than you ever thought possible...this is the event for you. The tactics you're going to learn at this three-day event will work for anyone — whether you're an unknown trying to break out of the pack, or an experienced author who wants to give your career new life."

10 Aug 07 - Midwest Literary Festival Writers' Workshop: Offered on the Friday before the festival (first full weekend each October). See the site for details.

Mike's Writing Workshop: Appears to be a Yahoo group site for writers of all persuasions to meet and work. Uses email to communicate.

Milford SF Writers' Conference: "A free, open, face-to-face, critiquing workshop for writers held annually in Britain."

Milk Of Medusa: Features workshops geared toward writers. Link reported broken.

4 Apr 07 - Mississippi Writers Guild 2007 P.L.A.N.S.* Writers Conference (*Promoting Literary Arts, Non-stop Support): Featuring "all-day writers workshops and formal critiques."

Monique Raphel High: Offers "a comprehensive training process that is both highly structured and made-to-order for the individual."

MuseItUp Club, The: A site for writers to meet and work.

My Writer Buddy: extensive writing site. Site is not present any longer and was replaced by a porn site.

Mystery & Suspense Writer's Workshop: As it states. Editor's note: excellent site. Link broken. Believed defunct.


New Writers Forum: Online writers' group. Link reported broken.

1 Feb 10 - New Year's Guide to Better Writing Workshop: On 22 Feb comes "a five day event that will feature a Breathless editor offering advice and practical examples on the most common errors seen in submissions. The workshop will cover grammar, POV, active versus passive writing, adding emotion to your story, and bringing steam to love scenes. This five day event is also ideal for established writers who want to take their writing to the next level or brush up on their skills. The cost for the event is just $10". More details at their site.

theNextBigWriter: "Our mission is to empower writers and to find, reward, and promote the best undiscovered talent." P&E cautions that the site states it charges for novel critiques, but their contract limits it to "novel chapter" critiques.

Noble Fusion: workshop with resources for writers.

16 Dec 06 - North Country Institute and Retreat for Writers of Color: "...invites applications for its Fourth Annual Summer Writers' Institute and Retreat, to be held July 8-14, 2007, at the Valcour Education and Conference Center on the shores of Lake Champlain."


"Applicants' materials must include: the application form, a cover letter expressing reasons for wanting to participate, two letters of recommendation from individuals familiar with their writing, and a sample of writing. A non-refundable application fee of $25, payable to SUNY Plattsburgh, should accompany the application. Applications will be reviewed as received until all spaces have been filled."

Click on the How to Apply link on their page for more information.

Novel Workshop: Meet fellow authors and soon-to-be authors, and be part of a small workshop group. In Prodigy Writing Workshop room, 10 pm on Tuesday. Link inactive.


28 Jan 03 - Obadiah Press Christian Writer's Conference, 2nd Annual: "...writing for Christian or secular markets, dream of starting a writing career or writing a book, write poetry or prose, fiction or non-fiction..."

9/12/12 - Odyssey Writing Workshop: "Since its founding in 1996, Odyssey has become one of the most respected workshops in the fantasy, science fiction, and horror writing community. Odyssey is for developing writers whose work is approaching publication quality and for published writers who want to improve their work. The six-week workshop combines advanced lectures, exercises, extensive writing, and in-depth feedback on student manuscripts. Top authors, editors, and agents have served as guest lecturers, including George R. R. Martin, Harlan Ellison, Jane Yolen, Terry Brooks, Robert J. Sawyer, Ben Bova, Nancy Kress, Elizabeth Hand, Jeff VanderMeer, Donald Maass, Sheila Williams, Shawna McCarthy, Carrie Vaughn, and Dan Simmons. Fifty-eight percent of Odyssey graduates go on to professional publication."

"The program is held every summer on Saint Anselm College's beautiful campus in Manchester, NH. Saint Anselm is one of the finest liberal arts colleges in the country, dedicated to excellence in education, and its campus provides a peaceful setting and state-of-the-art facilities for Odyssey students. College credit is available upon request."

"Jeanne Cavelos, Odyssey's director and primary instructor, is a best-selling author and a former senior editor at Bantam Doubleday Dell Publishing, where she won the World Fantasy Award for her work. As an editor, Cavelos gained a reputation for discovering and nurturing new writers. She provides students with detailed, concrete, constructive critiques of their work. Cavelos said, "I've worked with many different writers, and I know that each writer thinks and works differently. We limit attendance at Odyssey to sixteen, so I can become deeply familiar with the work of each student and provide assessments of strengths and weaknesses. I work individually with each student, helping each to find the best writing process for him, suggesting specific tools to target weaknesses, and charting progress over the six weeks." Her critiques average over 1,200 words, and her handwritten line edits on manuscripts are extensive."

Beginning February 1, the Odyssey Writing Workshop will offer free podcasts on their website, www.odysseyworkshop.org.
Odyssey is an intensive, six-week workshop for writers of fantasy, science
fiction, and horror whose work is approaching publication quality.  The
workshop is held each summer in Manchester, New Hampshire.
The podcasts are excerpts from lectures given by guest writers, editors, and
agents at Odyssey.  Every month or two, Odyssey will release a new podcast.
Each one is ten to fifteen minutes long.  Jeanne Cavelos, the director of
Odyssey, said, "We have taped all our guest lectures since 1997, and these
recordings offer a wonderful collection of insights and advice for
developing writers.  With these podcasts, we hope to further our mission of
helping writers of fantasy, science fiction, and horror to improve their
The first podcast is an excerpt from a lecture Charles L. Grant gave in the
summer of 2000 on characterization.  Grant offered some invaluable insights
and provided concrete, practical tips.  This was his last teaching
engagement before he died in 2006.  "We are honored to present this excerpt
as our inaugural podcast, as a tribute to Charlie's life and his
contribution to the field," Cavelos said.
Future podcasts will feature lecture excerpts from Robert J. Sawyer, Melissa
Scott, Jeff VanderMeer, Gardner Dozois, and many more.
No special hardware or software is required to access the recordings.  Users
may download the mp3 files to their computer, subscribe using RSS, or
subscribe on the iTunes page for Odyssey podcasts.

Online Writing Workshop for Horror: "an online community of writers of horror of all sorts--brand-new and published--who help each other improve their work. Whatever your level, the workshop can help you grow as a writer--through the useful critiques you receive and through what you learn by reviewing the work of others." Link reported broken.

Online Writing Workshop for Science Fiction and Fantasy (formerly Del Rey Digital Writing Workshop): Highly recommended. "open to all aspiring writers of science fiction and fantasy, and readers too. You need to become a member in order to participate. We require a valid e-mail address, and because of occasional adult content, people under 18 must get parental permission before joining."

Oregon Coast Professional Fiction Writers Workshops: "...workshops range from a single day up to two weeks, are generally limited to 12 participants, and are all taught by professionals who are making a living as writers, editors, or agents. The focus is entirely on how to write and sell fiction in today's market."

Original Story Workshop: Thursdays, at 9pm ET. Follow the link for more information.

Other World Writers Workshop: "specifically for fantasy, science fiction, and horror. Participation is required on this list, but the rules are fair, and the crits are complete. OWWW also has a romance division specifically for paranormal romance." Contributed by Crissy Gottberg.

Outside the Square Fiction Workshops: A site for writers to meet and work.


Pacific Coast Children's Writers Workshop, The: "Eighth annual, held August 20-22, 2010 at Pajaro Dunes' private beachfront facility near Santa Cruz, CA. Intensive, team-taught seminar for 30 savvy and/or published writers of character-driven youth novels, "active observers," and teen readers and writers. FACULTY: KATE HARRISON (senior editor, Dial Books/Penguin); TED MALAWER (agent, Upstart Crow Literary); and author-consultant LAURA BACKES, publisher of Children's Book Insider. WEEKEND THEME is "A Novelist's Toolkit: Architecture, Archetypes, and Arcs." Focus on craft as a marketing tool; 90 percent hands-on. Open critique clinics, aka master classes, are enhanced by interactive pre-workshop assignments. DEADLINES: For the most critique options and lowest fees, apply by April 10 or asap. (Limited enrollment may be open through July.) More info on the teen and adult programs: contact Director Nancy Sondel through the website."

Painted Rock Writers and Readers Colony: Also features magazines, reviews, resources, and shops for readers and writers. No longer features any workshop. Link reported broken.

6 Mar 09 - Pen to Press Retreats: Features workshops, seminars, and agent/editor pitches.

Penpot Writers' Site: Online writers' group with BBS, chat, submit-and-review service, and more. Link reported broken.

Poets' Workshop: As it states. Check the site for details.

Poetry Nuts And Bolts: conducts poetry workshops. Link reported broken.

Purdue University's Online Writing Lab: "The Purdue University Online Writing Lab serves writers from around the world and the Purdue University Writing Lab helps writers on Purdue's campus."

12 Sep 05 - Putting Your Passion Into Print: "We're doing a free workshop at Barnes & Noble in Wauwatosa Sept. 29th @ 7pm about how to get successfully published. It's a workshop we do at Stanford, and we believe it will be of great interest to anyone who wants to publish a book."


Quill Society: A communication center for adept writers wishing to refine their writing skills, and novice writers to step into the realm of their imagination. Link reported broken.


Redbird Studio: "We have an assortment of classes for all levels of writing (fiction, non-fiction, memoirs, playwriting, essays, short stories) and also have a successful Summer Youth Program."

Rewrite: Email critique group for writers. Link reported broken.

Ringer's Secret School of Writing: online center for creative writing, featuring lessons and exercises to help writers of all levels of experience.

Romance Divas: Features writing workshops.

Romance Writers Unlimited: A workshop for romance writers.


SCI FI - ARIZONA: In addition to high tech science fiction, the site includes a Writer's Workshop with articles on both general and science fiction writing.

Scribophile: Online workshop.

ScreenwritingU.com: "offers professional-level online screenwriting classes, along with free access to screenwriting articles, interviews, and videos."

Scriveners: Every-other week workshop for teens who write held at 9pm ET in the All Write Cafe chatroom (irc.prodigy.net, port 6667, Books_and_Writing.All_Write_Cafe) on Prodigy. More information at the link and at this link for Prodigy Writing Workshops. Link reported broken.

Seton Hill University Masters Degree Program in Writing Popular Fiction, The: "Students writing science fiction, fantasy and horror make up the largest subset in this academic program to mentor new writers through the construction of their first novel. (Greensburg, Pennsylvania)"

SF Novelist Writing Workshop: see the site for more details.

sf-f.org: features a workshop for sf, fantasy and other forms of speculative fiction. Link reported broken.

SFF Net: Highly recommended. Features forums, workshops, author sites, convention news, and more.

SFNovelist: "the premier critique group for writers of "hard science" science fiction novels." Part of the Victory Page for Fiction Writers site.

SFReader.com: Features a workshop and other content.

Silicon Quill: writers' forum featuring literary critiques, contests, writing exercises, and more. Link reported broken.

Sisters in Crime Internet Chapter: Features workshop for member authors.

6' Ferret Writers' Group Home Page, The: a writers' group web site with excellent ideas.

Small Press Center: conducts seminars and workshops on getting published.

SOS! for Authors: Features workshops for website production and marketing geared toward authors.

South African Writers' Circle: hope to have more on this organization soon. Link reported broken.

South Carolina Writers Workshop: Useful workshops presented annually.

Speculative Fiction Writers Community: A workshop for critiquing stories focusing primarily on science fiction and fantasy. Horror is also welcome as are other genres. Link reported broken.

Speculative Fiction Writers' Group, The: a critiquing/support group for writers of Speculative Fiction. An amazing site worth visiting. Link reported broken.

14 Feb 08 - SPLAT! A Graphic Novel Symposium: Takes place in New York City in March. Visit the site for details.

Story Board, The: Features a workshop and a forum.

Storyarts Writing Workshop: writer's workshop that offers hints, suggestions, and links for people who like to write.

StoryStudio Chicago: Offers "writing classes, workshops, retreats, and coaching. Classes are held at their space in Chicago, 4043 N. Ravenswood #222, Chicago, IL 60613. Writing Coaching is offered by phone or email regardless of location."

Straycat's Writer Workshop: a writers' workshop. Link reported broken.

StreetWrites: Workshop with other impressive features. Link reported broken.

9 Dec 03 - Studio in the Woods, A (ASITW): "is currently seeking applications from Painters, Writers and Composers for its spring 2004 Residencies. Deadline for submission: January 1. Applicants can select one of the following 3-week sessions: March 1 - March 21 or April 12 - May 2 or May 10 - May 30.
ASITW is an artists' community dedicated to protecting the natural environment where creative exploration and expression can flourish. Honoring both the artist and the natural environment, ASITW fosters the conception, development and production of creative works in the areas of the visual, performing and literary arts by offering live-in accommodations and uninterrupted work time to artists. Located on 7.66 acres of unspoiled woods in Lower Coast Algiers on the banks of the Mississippi River in New Orleans, ASITW is the only live-in artists' community in the Deep South. For an application or more information call 392-5359 or email info@astudiointhewoods.org, or write 13401 River Rd. New Orleans, La. 70131."

Sublime Words - The TTA Press Writing Centre: online instruction and critique in fiction writing. Link reported broken.

Swamp writers' workshop, the: New workshop forming. Link reported broken.


9 May 02 - Tacoma Writer's Conference: "The Tacoma Writer's Conference is a one-day workshop for writers interested in pursuing professional careers. Since 1986, it has provided an opportunity for beginning writers to work with some of the Northwest's most respected authors and editors. Pre-registration is $50, $55 at the door and $62 with lunch. This year's authors: Tom Bodett, John Moe, Stella Cameron, G.M. Ford, Richard Paul Russo, David Long, Robert Ferrigno, Candace Robb, Kathryn O. Galbraith, and Leslie What."

Taipei Writers' Group: web site for a writers' work group. Link reported broken.

Teen Writing Workshop: held in the All Write Cafe chatroom (irc.prodigy.net, port 6667, Books_and_Writing.All_Write_Cafe) on Prodigy. Link reported broken.

Todays Writing Community: Appears to be a site for poets, short story writers, and journalists to meet and work.

  • 11 Aug 11 - Tony Hillerman Writers Conference: Nov. 10-12. Offers writing workshops, author panels, and manuscript reviews.

    trAce Online Writing Community: participants write, work, and collaborate on the Web.

    Transworld Writers' WorkShop: international writers of varying genres dedicated to improving their craft. Link reported broken.


    9 Apr 11 - Up Close & Personal - Virtual Mentoring Retreat: For writers of Children's, Fiction, Nonfiction, Plays, Romance, Screenwriting.

    Urbis: A place where writers can get their work critiqued and seen.


    Vermont College Summer Writer's Conference: annual writers' work group class. Link reported broken.

    Viable Paradise Writers' Workshop: "Intensive instruction by professional authors and editors. Sponsored by the Martha's Vineyard Science Fiction Association, Ltd."


    Web Writers' Workshop: "place for creative and insightful writers and readers to congregate, share, and learn about the "BIZ", that is, the business of creating and disseminating literary fiction, poetry, etc."

    Whidbey Island Writers' Conference: "Our conference features a wide variety of genres and small personable settings with an abundance of presenters and is held annually during the first weekend of March."

    8 Mar 05 - Whidbey Writers Workshop, The: "a new low-residency MFA program that offers a track for children's literature."

    18 Feb 10 - Wildacres Writers Workshop 2010: Takes place July 2010. More details at their site.

    7 Aug 04 - Women Writing the West 10th Annual Conference: Celebrating a Decade of Writing, a Century of Willa Cather: "will feature editors, agents, panels, workshops, networking and more! The Annual WILLA Literary Awards will be presented at the conference Willa awards banquet, with one of our members, Pam Munoz Ryan, as keynoter. The conference will be held October 22, 23, and 24, 2004 at La Posada Hotel, Albuquerque, New Mexico. It is open to non-members."

    Write or Die (WorD): "A free, open, face-to-face, critiquing workshop for science fiction and fantasy writers that has met every two weeks since 1996. (Monroeville, PA)"

    2 Mar 07 - "Write Out Loud" :
    JULY 21-26th 2007
     PERFORM LIVE NIGHTLY along side some of the North East's most accomplished 
    poets and members of Inverse Theater, New York City's only contemporary verse 
    theater company.
    This course is for poets and writers who wish to develop their ability to speak 
    and express themselves in public and for ACTORS who would like to develop their 
    own truthful and organic approach to poetic scripts. The course is open to 
    artists of all ages and stages in their careers.
    Course instructors Robert Laine and Hank Wagner from award winning
    Inverse Theater will lead a 5-day intensive in vocal technique, acting 
    technique, breathing exercises, cold reading, speech forensics, music 
    interpretation and classical text analysis. Guest teachers Carol Frost, Meg 
    Kearney, BJ Ward and Jeanne Marie Beaumont will offer unique perspectives and 
    exercises that illuminate their personal journeys from writer to performer. 
    Instruction and housing will be at the scenic, historic, and private Pine Lake 
    Environmental campus of Hartwick College, nestled in the northern hardwoods of 
    NY state on Pine Lake.
    Course Cost is $875. Includes lodging (shared rooms), and two meals daily. 15 
    students maximum so apply now!
    1 college credit in drama is available. See website for details.

    8 Mar 05 - Write-Across-Europe Seminar: To be held in "Italy, march 2006. Tutors award-winning Bruce Holland Rogers and Night Train magazine co-founder and Editor Rusty Barnes. Course organiser NFG editor Mike Coombes." Link reported broken.

    WriteCraft: "tools and information for serious writers. We specialize in tough, honest, feedback for professional and beginning writers."

    Writefine: A writers' workshop. Fee charged. Also offers editing services.

    Writer Buddy: "a multifaceted site designed to both provide information and to motivate both the beginner and experienced writer." Link reported broken.

    Writer's Center, The: "In the Washington DC area this place is well-regarded for workshops on writing poetry, fiction, nonfiction, filmscripts, and other things."

    Writer's Club, The: Appears to have several groups of writer workshops. Link reported broken.

    16 Oct 09 - Writer's Digest Editors' Intensive: "Join an exclusive group of writers and editors at Writer's Digest headquarters and get a professional editor's feedback on the first 50 pages of your manuscript!"

    Writer's Digest Workshops: "currently developing Writer's Online Workhops, an online writing center that we hope will eventually offer the most wide variety of Web writing courses available. The interface will work with just about any type of bowser; there is no special software or email program required (in fact, the workshops don't use email at all). Workshops will be limited to 15 participants, and last from 8-14 weeks. All workshops are developed by published, professional authors, and taught by experienced, published instructors. Our virtual workshops come as close as possible to a traditional classroom workshop, in that students interact with each other and with the intructor, posting their work for group critique as well as instructor feedback. In addition, students can interact w/each other "outside" the workshop, posting messages in the student union, exchanging ideas etc."

    Writer's Niche, The: Features writing courses and a workshop.

    Writer's Nook: An online writers' workshop created for all writers whether aspiring or established, student or professional, and regardless of field or genre.

    Writer's Pad: For aspiring fiction and poetry authors.

    Writer's Story Board: Designed by aspiring authors, for aspiring authors; containing short stories from authors of all ages, inviting feedback and critiques from readers. Link reported broken.

    Writer's 12 Step Inspirational Program, The: "a website to introduce the program to writers seeking tools to keep their goals on target and to get in touch with their writers' souls." Link reported broken.

    Writer's Village University (WVU): "There are 32 writer's groups and over 100 writing courses in WVU."

    Writer's Voice Online Workshops, The: online writing workshops. Fee charged. Contributed by Karen Hertzberg. Link reported broken.

    Writercise: Writing group for new and aspiring writers. Link reported broken.

    Writers Center of Greater Cleveland Online Writers Workshop: monthly topics covered in an online workshop. Link reported broken.

    Writers Retreat Workshop: "Intensive ten-day workshop for writers of commercial fiction, founded by the late Gary Provost."

    writers.com: Offers online writing classes in all genres.

    Writers' Dock: "a new site born from the impending demise of the BBC's web site Get Writing. We are dedicated to provide a service for aspiring and accomplished writers of all genres."

    Writers' Wordshop: A free workshop/critiquing service.

    Writers' Workshops of Asheville, The: Not recommended. Presented by the Renbourne Editorial Agency. Contact at:
    387 Beaucatcher Rd.
    Asheville, NC 28805

    Writers' Services: Provides various writing services.

    Writers@sfgoth.com: A discussion list for writers to exchange ideas and receive critiques of their work.

    3 Aug 06 - WriteWay Workshops: "An innovative conference for serious aspiring fiction writers is scheduled for November 10-12, 2006 just outside Harrisburg, PA. WriteWay Workshops, a new and exciting venture, was created by Paula J. Matter in the hopes that attendees will learn the basic tools and techniques necessary to properly submit manuscripts for publication." See the site for details. Link reported broken.

    WriteWords: A UK writers' community. Also features jobs for writers.

    Writing Bridge, The: "a friendly, online writing workshop and community for all writing genres, with emphasis on respect for both the writer and the craft. Regular participation and critiques expected. No charge."

    4 Dec 08 - Writing for Children, 2008 Winter Workshop in: "TIRED OF BIG CLASSES WHERE YOUR WORK GETS TOO LITTLE ATTENTION? ONLINE HELP THAT ISN'T HELPFUL? Everyone's work is read at every session in this small, private workshop, led by award-winning Scholastic author and former Baruch College writing instructor, Marcia Savin, M.A. Marcia has been helping writers for 25 years. All work receives detailed feedback, both in class and in written follow-up. The emphasis is on supportive suggestions and developing the craft: What's the difference between surprise and suspense? How do you hook the reader on the first page? Make your characters sympathetic? How do you know when a piece is finished?
    Picture books to Young Adults. Published and nonpublished writers welcome.
    Submission required: a few sample pages. Fee: $250 for six classes. Time: Alternate Thursdays, 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm
    Meet: in Chelsea (address provided upon acceptance), conveniently located, New York, NY
    Class starts: Jan. 8, 2009
    There are three 12-wk sessions per year starting in Winter, Fall, and Spring. Spaces available sometimes; please inquire. The workshop is ongoing and members often stay for years. Waiting list available."

    Writing Lessons: Part of Denyse "domynoe" Loeb's site with lessons that could prove useful to other writers.

    Writing School at Quality of Course, The: "Offers distance education writing courses in creative writing, novel, business communications, romance, writing for children, and memoir writing with a money-back guarantee."

    Writing Science Fiction and Fantasy: "an online course for beginning writers, covering the fundamentals of storytelling, with illustrations, exercises, and many additional resources. Created by SF author Jeffrey A. Carver, it is produced and made available by MathSoft, Inc. Also available on CDROM as a part of the home-study science course, StudyWorks! Science Deluxe." Link reported broken.

    Writing 2 Sell's HOW TO BE PUBLISHED: These "are not creative writing workshops, but are instead guidelines to move you closer to publication. Most beginning writers harbor serious misconceptions as to what it takes to be published; the HOW TO BE PUBLISHED workshops point you in the right direction. Taught by Michael Garrett -- Stephen King's first editor and co-editor of the internationally successful HOT BLOOD anthology series."

    Writing.Com: Workshops and more for writers.

    WritingSchool.com: online writing courses in a variety of genres from fiction and screenwriting to business and technical writing. Link reported broken.



    Yesterday's Dreamers: "a writer's support forum, with affiliated critiquing group on Yahoo!"


    Zeugma: An Online Workshop for Poets: a free, high-caliber workshop for serious poets -- is accepting applications for membership. All backgrounds welcomed, from untutored talent to MFAs and beyond, but an obsession with craft and skill in critiquing is essential. Application consists of three poetry submissions, one critique and some loosely defined biographical information. Prior publication is neither required nor considered. Link broken.

    11th Annual Zoetrope Short Story Writers' Workshop: "Join Ben Fountain — winner of the 2007 PEN/Hemingway Award — and Zoetrope: All-Story editor Michael Ray for a weeklong workshop at Francis Coppola's beautiful Blancaneaux Lodge in Belize. Each day features small group workshops led by the instructors, guided writing exercises, and private writing time. Also included are four-star meals, spectacular bungalow accommodations, and trips to the Mayan ruins at Caracol, the Barton Creek Cave, and the Rio on Pools. For complete information and an application, please visit http://www.all-story.com/belize.cgi. The workshop is limited to twenty attendees. Admissions are rolling."

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